Art history in stick figures


via I love charts


  1. Yup. that about sums it up, although the Van Gogh face seems to be more about the artist than the style, unlike the others.

  2. Cool. I actually had that as a T-shirt in high school.

    I wasn’t very popular in high school.

  3. Talk about coincidences… I am wearing a T-Shirt (almost) like this right now. The order and smilies are slightly different, instead of Rothko there’s Paul Klee and Van Gogh is simply called Vincent.

  4. haha, I had this shirt too! In my backwaters town, people were confused and would then laugh “I get it, polish people can’t draw! What are the others, though?” Gah. I also had a Nighthawks t-shirt where the people at the bar were replaced with bunnies and it just said “Hopper.” God, I loved those shirts…

  5. There’s a more concise “History of Art” shirt: “1. Look! 2. Look at me!”

  6. Love it – would have added Magritte. Instead of a portrait of him, it would have said “This is not René Magritte”

  7. “Looks like Picasso used OS X.”
    Pollock not drippy enough
    needs more obese Rubens



  8. Hmm, I saw the poster and the second thing I said to myself (after, “Cute!”) was, “Monet? Seurat, rather.” And I’ve never even thought of myself as an art geek.

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