Carpets that look like countries and continents


Designer Florian Pucher created a series of New Zealand wool carpets that look like aerial views of continents and countries. The one above, for example, was made based on satellite images of the Netherlands. Below is the United States.


Land Carpet via NotCot


  1. According to current exchange rates, these rugs cost about US$1200 except for the Netherlands, which is larger and costs around US$2000. Not bad for a limited edition. (Ever priced custom rugs? They’re ridiculous.)

  2. I don’t know what the state of on-demand-knitting is, but I bet it will be soon possible to customize such a carpet to show your exact neighborhood. That would make a great children’s room carpet.

  3. Agricultural areas? Looks like it. Those would be tulips and such for the florist trade in the Netherlands map. I’d like one with those big irrigation circles, an aerial area rug of Oklahoma.

    Heck, I would be neat to have one with some crop circle designs too.

  4. It looks to me like it would be easy to stub a toe on the grout channels in these carpets. And the colors? Good enough for an unplanned, patchwork aerial view, but I couldn’t imagine the dude abiding over this. The wool looks to be superior, but I think they would just hurt my eyes.

  5. Well speaking as someone who lives in a metes and bounds state, I see little resemblence.

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