Dinner Dancing with Frank Pacholski

Robert Popper, whose internet goldmining skills are provably unmatched, says:

mentalth.jpg When I first saw this clip, words failed me.

In fact, I can only use numbers to describe the full mentalness of what you're about to see: 9999999999.9999999.

Please Enjoy Your Meal. (robertpopper.com)

Mr. Pacholski is based in Los Angeles, and his MySpace profile identifies him as an interpretive dancer. He reminds me of "John Kilduff," aka "Let's Eat, Paint, and Excercise TV."


  1. Remember back when you clicked on something and then maybe it would take you to a Rick Astley video, and then everyone would laugh? Oh what merry times they were.

    1. After watching the video, your comment made me LLOL. Thank you!



  2. The old man seated on the far right looks a lot like my dad, who is dead.

    Hopefully this wasn’t filmed in hell.

  3. And it’s part one of five, too! It’s insanity, bad performance art, bad surrealism, bad humor, elder abuse, a sexual fetish, or some combination thereof.

  4. Steve Ballmer has finally completely lost it.

    As soon as the chicken came out I knew where it was going.

  5. I’m not sure which is more disturbing; Frank himself, of the people who are actually sitting there eating their salads.

  6. What an odd misallocation of resources. I don’t mind wasting my own time looking at mindless crap, but when I think of all the undarned socks, unfinished crosswords, and otherwise profitable naps that might have been taken by Mr. Pacholski’s peanut gallery, my heart rends for the apparently bottomlessly empty waning days of those poor souls.

  7. I’ve seen clips from this at one of the Found Footage Festival showings (which are hilarious, incidentally; go to one if they’re presenting in your area). Apparently this has actually been shown on public access TV in LA, which is where the Found Footage Fest guys found it.

  8. Remember, parents, treat your kids well or you go to this retirement home. Just in time for U.S. Mother’s Day, too!

  9. frank pacholski looks kind of familiar.

    i can’t really tell because of the mask and the salad dressing, but does he also host “let’s paint tv” under a pseudonym?

  10. I was doing fine until the chicken. You see, I watched Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs a couple days ago.

  11. I used to work on shows like that when I started in TV .. behind the camera.. Those types were upset when we changed to a professional content format, but thank god for the Internet, gave ’em somewhere to go.

  12. That was um wierd. Love the non-reaction of his audience. I don’t know if I would have eaten the salad. As soon as I saw the chicken I knew it was going down his pants. I think the most disturbung part was at the end when it said ‘part one of five’

  13. I’ve seen a lot in my time (though I’m proud to say that I still have yet to actually watch two girls one cup), and not much can truly bewilder me anymore.

    This does fall into that category of rarefied experiences that I…I just want to know why. Why Frank, why?

    So many questions about so many things. The most compelling to me is, why did the old people not gtfo?

  14. I don’t even know where to start with this. You almost expect it to be some sort of weird side project of Tim & Eric.

  15. wow. I’m not sure I’ll ever be the same again. How does that happen to someone? I am completely flummoxed.

  16. that is just mental! I love the free flow of it, the old people loved it! disgusting on parts, yes chicken parts! you should interview this guy!

  17. Dammit to hell, Xeni. Where’s my unicorn chaser? That was pure distilled horror, that was. I couldn’t make it past the wedgie part. My God, man.

  18. I would like to know why this exists. Seriously, right now. Somebody tell me something that makes sense. Goddammit.

  19. I just watched a grown man smack himself in the nipples with raw chicken.

    Why would I watch that? Why, Internet?

  20. I’m with you guys. Bewilderment. Questions. Disquietude. Who are the old people? Why aren’t they freaking out? Are they his family members? Does he do this at every family gathering? Are they just used to it now?”Do we have to watch Frank dance again?” “At least we get lunch.”

    1. I want to know if his audience knew what they were getting into! Were they told “here come be on this nice TV show where you’re served dinner and there will be some dancing for you to watch.” But if that were the case…why didn’t they get up and walk out. Or perhaps when your at that stage of your life and you think you’ve seen everything…well…there’s something you’ve never seen before…might as well see where it goes.

      1. I suspect the old people were in on it. I hope to be this awesome when I’m old.

      2. The audience was paid to sit no-matter-what.
        Probably would you as well.
        Then again, they were stunned, speechless, couldn’t move…after all they are old and mostly have no idea what ‘young ones’ are performing today…

  21. Meh, I used to sit through Jim Spagg’s show on Public Access. This is tame in comparison.

    1. Yeah, Jim Spagg was the first thing I thought of when I saw this. That guy was an evil cable-access renaissance man.

  22. > He reminds me of “John Kilduff,” aka “Let’s Eat, Paint, and Excercise TV.”
    < THATS HARSH !> John Kilduff is a Humanist, this guy either just REALLY wants his 15 seconds… or is a Splosher? :+)

  23. Complete disinterest here.

    Mainly because of the trololo guy, who has been hogging that part of my brain for quite some time now.

  24. i feel like he was listening to that song one day while tripping very hard, and eating a chicken salad. then he had an epiphany.

    ps: definitely reminds me of dude’s landlord in big lebowski, also tim and eric

  25. The internet may have largely replaced public access TV as the go-to place for WTF but it took a special kind of person to go through all the effort to create a public access TV show. 30 second youtube clip posters are rank amateurs.

  26. This seems like it was inspired by Andy Kaufman’s brand of dada, but Andy’s genius was to take his characters in unpredictable directions – the pathetically bad comic who could do a killer Elvis impression, the wrestling career, etc. This guy just went for the obvious with the chicken.

  27. First thought: OMG, their eating during this.

    Second thought: In a real death panel, we make them kill themselves.

    Third thought: I watched all three parts. It gets worse. I need help.

  28. I’m Performing my dance quintet–you know, my cycle–at Crane Jackson’s Fountain Street Theatre on Tuesday night, and I’d love it if you came and gave me notes.

  29. Frank Pacholski = Vic Cohen from “Howie Do It”. Bit of a method comedy piece, I think. Check out the myspace blog about his 82 year old room mate whom he has to shower and dress for room and board. The clue to the fact it was fake – the spelling and grammar were too good. Oh, and the link to Vic Cohen’s website on the YouTube Channel.

  30. It would have been funnier if he was actually serving them a real dinner that they were eating while pleasantly dancing like in the first part instead of them just eating salad dressing off their plates with a spoon. Then he went all Tom Green. Anyone can do that. Look at me, my bum is on the chicken!

  31. The only logical explanation is that all of those old folks were already blind from macular degeneration and had no idea what was happening in front of them while they ate.

  32. I liked it!

    If more performance videos in art shows had this much sense humor, or (I guess intentional) lack of (or heightened) sense of ridiculous and self-consciousness, I would definitely be more interested.
    This to me is a lot more interesting, and appeals much more to my artistic taste for performance art, than sad suffering agonizing painful dramatic interpretations.

    He is not the first artist throwing food at himself, but he is having fun. That’s a win in my book.

    I welcome an artistic competition for who’s having the most fun.

    GleepGlop comment mentioning Tom Green was spot on, though.
    In my opinion, this would have beaten Tom Green in art terms had it had a more richly designed art direction. It tries, but it’s not quite there. Still, I find it fun enough.

    A race for silly fun art performances, with great sense of visual design. I’m all for that.

  33. I’m pretty sure the band played that same polka at my cousin’s wedding when she got married the first time. It seems disquietingly familiar.

  34. I am from Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, and I have never been more embarrassed to live here in my entire life. This man is NOT a tribute to the region he hails from!

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