Dismayland: Disneyland in the favela

Artist Jeff Gilette's "Dismayland" series of illustrations imagines the consumer-utopian symbolism of Disneyland amid the gritty reality of a Brazilian hillside favela.

Dismayland - Entre Favelas et DisneyLand (via Geisha Asobi)


    1. Wait, I’m dense – what is the symbolism?

      Strikes me as more a non-sequitor. Cool juxtapose, tho’.

  1. We should be ashamed for Disney’s behavior toward Brazil, bulldozing the Amazon basin to produce Jose Carioca cartoons, and all.

  2. While the images are powerful, I doubt if there is a direct cause and effect relationship between the Disney organization and the slums of Brazil. Its easy to point fingers and accuse, but in this case it makes little sense.

  3. I kinda think this guy just wanted to paint Minnie and Daisy pissing into an open sewer.

  4. It’s a neat picture with well-intentioned politics, but is it just a little patronising to the majority of favelados (or ‘moradores’ as they prefer to be known)? I have a bit of research in Brazilian moros, and most of the inhabitants have a large degree of pride in where they live. The favelas / moros may be dangerously situated (marginal land at risk of landslides or flooding), and always under construction, but they aren’t, for the most part (and except for those actually built around garbage dumps), full of garbage and falling apart. Moradores have self-respect too.

    1. I’m with you FM, Disneyland exists in the Favelas kids’ imaginations, just like most other kids, and it’s likely just a few blocks over at some magical place.

  5. I think they look beautiful together. Cinderella’s Castle is indeed a shallow fantasy but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable, not just from an aesthetic point but–whether you have the guts to admit it or not–it’s also a fun place to visit. It’s fun to imagine that the castle is real and that there’s a happily ever after. I think that people need to believe in that, at least a little, and that it does us all good.

    The favela is also beautiful. I can’t explain it well, but I often find slums to be beautiful. Despite the decay and the misery that’s there, there is also life struggling on. There are people in that slum who dream of their own fairy tale castle even though very few will reach it.

    I don’t think the artist intended this but, for me, it seems to be saying that even the poorest people are closer to their dreams than anyone realizes. However, I think we all have a duty to do our part, however small, to help other people reach their dreams.

  6. Brilliant commentary! Porting Cinderella’s castle into the background of the world’s poorest slums!

    Has Adobe made an iPad app for that?

  7. Cinderella didn’t have water closets or toilet paper either (or showers). She would have pissed into the moat. Not very luxurious either.

  8. Three dee printer ride in one of those shacks?
    Wasn’t it Brazil that you had coming online all at once, and crashing the network?

  9. I’m brazilian I have grow up in São Paulo so I believe I can say some things about it, in techniques aspects I have to say it’s amazing, but favelas here in Brazil aren’t like that, especially the ones in the hills. Firstly this river like scene only apears were does have a river, and I only saw it once and believe me it was not a hill favela and God, no it wasn’t like that, it’s not a landfill, they may not have all the hygiene resources like basic sanitation in the begining but they work hard to get it, and they do. They treasure theirs houses like anyone else, it’s really sad to see that situation, it’s the governement fault from the very beginning and they don’t do nothing to stop the migration to the big cities.
    Believing or not they do live a difficult life but they are happy about everything they have, becouse it could be a 100 times worse.
    Sometimes is definetly tiring and sad to see all this stereotypes about my country, but then, I do believe there are big mistakes and stereotypes about any other country.
    But I have to confess it really killed me when I was on my vacation in USA and a guy asked my if I lived in a treehouse, and yes he was asking it seriously.

    Oh, and sorry about my lousy english, but for someone who learned alone, It’s not that bad. =p

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