Giant auction of mid-century magazine illustration in Beverly Hills


14 Responses to “Giant auction of mid-century magazine illustration in Beverly Hills”

  1. coaxial says:

    I love that the auction house boasts that it’s “the world’s third largest auction house.” Third largest? Geez.

  2. Ian_McLoud says:

    An ex-girlfriend’s mom gave me a large (11″x17″?) print of this as a gift. I framed it and hung it in my room(s) during high school and college.

    I now wonder
    a) where is it?
    b) is it at my parents house?
    c) is it worth a fraction of $100k? :)

    Probably not, but I’d like it back to hang in my ::cough:: mancave :::cough::: (and the other three framed similar ones)!

  3. an0nymous says:

    is… is that bear giving me a sexy come hither look?

    • proletariat says:

      is… is that bear giving me a sexy come hither look?

      It doesn’t help that it’s dressed like a whore.

  4. Teller says:

    Photography really messed with a good thing. Thanks, Mark.

  5. igpajo says:

    Just look at the look on that bear’s face! Just look at it!

  6. dross1260 says:

    If you hate Coca-Cola, buy.
    Still can’t find Norman Rockwell’s farner/wife nudging painting back to Cowgirl on post. Did Rockwell collect calendars from others?

  7. jeligula says:

    I like trying to guess which blogger posted before opening the quick link in Yahoo! Got this one.

    @dross1260 I gotta say that I like Coke, but my soft drink preferences have nothing to do with the fact that I cannot outbid $100,000. Maybe I could bid for an illustration off a toothpick box for $36.99. Plus buyer’s premium, of course. Cash or cashier’s check only.

  8. Zergonapal says:

    It just goes to show that old-school porn is still great… if somewhat weird. My god that polar bear is hawt :D

  9. bat21 says:

    Charles Martignette had good taste. He collected what he liked instead of what was fashionable.

  10. Rich Keller says:

    Is that a smiling polar bear rug or one of those flat-packed samoyeds IKEA’s been selling lately?

  11. Rick. says:

    Such convenient viewing hours. -sigh-

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