Mos Dub: dub remixes of Mos Def tracks

Been sitting on this link for a few weeks, but: I've *really* been enjoying MOS DUB, a project by Max Tannone that remixes Mos Def tracks with classic dub reggae joints. Same dude beyind Jaydiohead (Jay-Z plus Radiohead) and Doublecheck Your Head, which remixed tracks from the Beastie Boys with other tracks by the Beastie Boys. (via Idealist Propaganda / thanks, Glen E. Friedman!)


  1. a must for any fan of hip hop, mashups, and open source. max also has some original tracks of his own over at soundcloud available for download too.

  2. Damn, I was hoping to hear an Egg Raid on Mojo remix. Most of the Beastie Boys stuff they mixed is pretty good. The only other I’d listen to is Radiohead but I hate Jay-Z so much that I won’t.

  3. Maybe it’s my slightly odd musical tastes, but nothing will ever top Beatallica for mashups of coolness. Might be the fact that I’m more into metal and less into hiphop, though.

    The Masterful Mystery Tour album cover is a thing of genius.

  4. Wicked! (also: Curses! I was just putting “Beef” into a mashup, myself)

  5. I’m just chiming in for my love of the substitution method used to make the name for every dub project, ie Dub Side of the Moon, Yellow Dub-marine, etc. It’s so easy, but funny every time.

  6. Mos Dub mainly just made me want to dig out the original reggae songs though. Remixes (and remakes) aren’t supposed to just make you want to hear the original.

  7. i have often thought that mos def had a small jamaican sound to his delivery. i really dig historytown, but that’s mostly because i am a raving desmond dekker fan.

  8. The tracks arent loading on the Mos Dub site and i don’t feel like downloading them to be able to listen to them.

  9. i’m looking forward to these, but those Beastie Boy remix tracks were just awful.

  10. max tannone is really awesome. he rules my ipod. jaydiohead rules and mos dub is also rad.

  11. Xeni, this is some seriously chill stuff. You get the force of Mos, with the chill of dub. I love it! Thanks for sharing it.

    Between this, the Beastles mashup, and the Jimi Hendrix/Nortorious B.I.G mashup, I’m really impressed with what remix culture can produce with these mashups. There needs to be a site indexing these, but then, I guess that would make sueing them a lot easier for RIAA types…

    BTW, your interview with Die Antwoord was excellent. The trainwreck phenomenon hit me with their music, but I love it now. It’s good in a weird and awesome way, much like BB.

  12. Don’t bogart that link Xeni!

    Actually, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this one the past couple of weeks too. It’s a great mashup, love those old school reggae beats.

  13. Heard some of this on the radio this morning. Brilliant, but Mos is always that way.

    He’s a great actor, too. Check him out in “Something the Lord Made”.

  14. This is really really good. I like it when I recognize most of the vocals and beats in a mash up. Love the classic reggae and find it a great mix with hip hop, though I haven’t come across a lot I like. Roots Manuva from UK and Grand Analog from Canada are two contemporary artists that I find blend these genres very well.

  15. It’s a shame his rhymes are not longer. Wish these tracks were 5+ minutes at least. Great stuff! Love it!

  16. After a half dozen listens I like these remixes already more than any of the original Mos Def tracks. Phenomenal.

    Dub stylin’

    Thanks Xeni

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