Space Invaders propaganda poster

Artist Steve Thomas's latest in a series of vintage video game propaganda posters is his ad for the Space Invaders laser gunners' corp. Makes me want to sign up and defend the homeworld.

Arcade game propaganda: Part VII (via Super Punch)


  1. I love all of his work; great use of typography and colors; they’ve all really captured that “vintage” feel. Ah man I remember playing space invaders on my TI-83 in math classes in highschool.. Those were the days.

  2. I often wondered whether what we now consider an antique/ vintage look would have been considered weird in antique/ vintage times – the paper certainly would not have been quite that brown fresh from the press, would it? And what about the subdued colors? Was there no saturated colors available, or is it simply some bleaching effect?

    1. Loonqual, paper *yellows* as it ages due to chemical reactions to air and sunlight. That same sunlight will also fade inks/dyes pretty effectively. You’ve never seen a faded poster or other display item in the window of a negligent store?

      1. Actually, that was the premise of my question. But how white was paper in olden times, and how bright the colors?

  3. Was it even possible to win at space invaders?
    Not much of a selling point for recruitment, if you think of it…

  4. Yes… Those were the days… Space invaders… High school… TI-83… wait what???

    Not atari 2600 or arcade but highschool math class? I can appreciate the staying power but… just wow.

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