The elements of videogames, illustrated


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  1. Stickarm says:

    Apparently I’m more pessimistic on this subject — instant death and unskippable cutscenes were the first things that came to mind for me.

  2. Pickled Whispers says:

    These are cute, although she spelled “Negotiate” wrong.

    Annoying how my eye focused in on the error almost immediately.

  3. The Hamster King says:

    No “collect” or “gather”?

    It’s not really the basic elements of ALL games then, is it … ?

  4. Quothz says:

    Feh. Just to pick one thing at random, “spy” and “infiltrate” are important enough to list separate-like but “hide” and “sneak” are nowhere to be seen. I’m not clear on the difference between conquering and capturing, either. Et cetera. Sloppy and ill-thought-out, IMO.

    • penguinchris says:

      Conquering and capturing are different concepts, and certainly in games… think of pure capture-the-flag type games (classic FPS multiplayer games, and Team Fortress 2) and “battlefield” style games (like Battlefield 1942 and its sequels, or Star Wars Battlefront).

      “Hide” and “sneak” are part of spying and infiltrating… but spying and infiltrating also imply more than simply hiding and sneaking, making them broader catch-all terms for that kind of thing.

      Collecting/gathering does seem missing, as Hamster King points out, but then again that may be part of “Trade” and “Hunt” (though the graphic for hunt implies hunting an enemy rather than resources).

  5. funtax says:

    @Pickled – It’s not misspelled. You can spell the word either way, though your preference is largely a function of where you come from.

  6. mga says:

    can you purchase these?

  7. jgreenhall says:

    Looking at the website, the card game seems to have operators you can place on some of these concepts: thereby allowing things like “sneak” to emerge from other concepts. Sign me up for a pack. Maybe we can run a Groupon for it!

  8. slamorte says:

    I might add an “Acquire,” too, weather that be a weapon, game point, gold, spell, equipment, and so on. Trade alone doesn’t cover Acquire because Trade is just one way to Acquire.

    Hunt doesn’t seem to cover Collect. Hunt/Gather would.

  9. Anonymous says:

    It’s interesting, because many of the most successful hardcore-type games involve almost all, if not all of these elements. I’m thinking first-person shooters, or real-time strategies.

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