Banksy's 12 Galaxies Guiltied to a Zegnatronic Rocket Society


In San Francisco this week, famed street artist Banksy got Pranksy'd, in an homage to local eccentric sage Frank Chu. Photograph by Catie Magee. Aaron Muszalski has more at Laughing Squid.


  1. I’m sorry, I’m afraid I’m simply not cool enough to understand this post.

  2. It’s funny when you realize that the weird guy you walk past twice a day for months on end has a wiki page.

  3. How do we know that it wasn’t Banksy, Banksy’ing himself….you know keepin it fresh? Maybe elephants got to spendy.

    Man, I am from SF and have never heard of Chu once.

    1. You must not have ever gone outside. Anytime there’s enough people in one place, whether they be protesting, commuting, shopping, or whatever, Chu shows up with his sign.

    1. Dude, these Bansky murals are just advertising for a movie. It doesn’t get much lamer than that.

  4. Well Chu’s in his own wierd world, fine. He’s admirable in his nutty consistency. But since the fartyarts latched on to him, this becomes merely some cute inside joke to scenes like Boing and Squid. Ok i laughed, but even funnier that no one in this latte-drinking crowd seems to grasp the fact that Banksy is kicking you in the face with your own genocidal (+ privatizing) history! And it makes the schnews cause some dork tagged over an indian.

    1. the banksy brand is just another lame hiptarded machine for making money, like, gen2 damien hirst or whatever.

  5. Kaosmonkey: Yeah, pretty much.

    When I lived in San Francisco, I didn’t know who Chu was until a few months before I left. He was just that guy with the sign who happened to stand at the corner of Market and New Montgomery or 2nd. My employment had a shuttle bus that would drop us off right next to Chu’s regular corner, and sometimes….if the timing was just right, Chu would descend to the BART/Muni station just as I was heading home. It was like we were getting off of work at the same time.

    Chu’s not the only regular sign-guy I saw. There was “Happy Happy Happy” who could often be found holding his sign (tiny tiny print explaining why George Bush is evil–but the print is so tiny it’s possible there’s an entire book on the sign) in Chinatown. (I don’t know “Happy’s” name but we called him that because that’s what he’d say OVER AND OVER. “Happy, happy, happy, mumble, mumble.”) There is Neon-green Jesus Loves You (you used to be able to see him in the Google streetview of the Powell Street Trolley turnaround) often mere yards from Fornicators Go To Hell guy.

    (I also had my favourite buskers, but that’s probably a post for another day.)

  6. Who cares if the art was promoting a movie, they didn’t say anything about the movie so if you didn’t even know it existed you wouldn’t be putting down amazing street art like that.

  7. Banksy is lame… he certainly shows his face when it’s time to pick up his paycheck.

    That little Chu face turned the wrong way is funny though.

  8. Well, except Damien Hirst’s “art” is ugly and stupid, and revels in insulting the viewer, while Bansky’s has actual artistic merit and delights in slyly informing the viewer.

    Other than that, yeah, they are exactly the same.

  9. someone should give ONE of banksy’s paychecks to chu… just to be nice. chu could eat something besides day old mac and cheese for once.and would banksy notice one check missing? prolly not.

  10. I love that the nature of street art often involves interaction with the locals, while it is sad to some of us to see a Bansky defaced, it is street art, owned by the community ~and fleeting. Banksy probably wouldn’t mind except it was done by an amatuer who couldn’t get the face right…

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