Computerliebe 1983


(From Tara McGinley at Dangerous Minds, via via @jensbest)


  1. Oh my … I recall those magazines, but never have seen SUCH a CHEESY cover … what I hated most back then was that they used some computer-y looking font for the whole magazine … crazy … Or typing 4 pages of code into my zx-spectrum to get a simple game going …

    interestingly, the microdrive was the last piece of hardware I bought for my ZX, before I discovered something more bizarre and wonderous than computers … GIRLS …

    (now I am married … now I am back at computers)

  2. I also remember these type of ads for computers.


    Anyway don’t ask what a German is to Justin Bieber!?

  3. Hang on…
    I was born in July of ’84.
    This issue is Nov of ’83, so the photo was probably taken in October.

    Oh god no.

  4. One major difference to today:

    Now my wife and I both have our own laptop in our bed. Best contraceptive ever. ;)

  5. “Listen honey…I KNOOOW its a picture done in ASCII, but if you just lift your left leg up in the air, and grab the headboard with your free arm, we will experience Nirvana of the like you’ve never dreamed of”.

    Of course it’d sound so much better in German.

  6. Only the Germans can make sex seem unsexy. I briefly lived in one of their larger cities and the sexual cultural seemed so, I don’t know? BASIC? Bwahahahahahaha

    Hey! I can hear your eyes rolling!

    Fataltourist, that is an excellent idea but can I photoshop J. Lo’s face over mine?

  7. I have to wonder why they bothered plugging in the power to the C64, but not the video.

    1. Video is plugged in, not power.. Power is on the side we can’t see.

      Or is that the floppy drive cable? Man, been too long. I adored my 64.

  8. Computers change, but people don’t. Hell, I use my iPhone while naked all the time.

  9. Oh Ja, I remember this way back in 80s.. Gretchen and I were first erotik webcam broadcast! Resolution was big 32 x 32 pixels @ 300baud. people very excited!
    I still have the mustache, alas not Gretchen.

  10. I can’t read German, but I’m pretty sure the article is about some new type of semen resistant keyboard.

  11. Computerliebe was two years later

    music and video:

    and yes, i believe that video can start a new verb

    “schalt mich an und schalt mich aus!”

    1. Kraftwerk has the much more well-known song called Computerliebe, from 1981: here (there’s an English version too).

      That’s not to say I’m not glad I watched the video you linked to, but I thought I should link to the actual source of the joke in case anyone isn’t familiar with it.

      It’s surely one of the greatest nerdy songs around… along with everything else by Kraftwerk, surely, but this song in particular always got to me.

  12. @ Dave Faris
    Her names Melody?
    Durch Drücken einer speziellen Taste nach unten, es spielt eine kleine Melodie
    Too bad no video. Would mash with Trio’s Drei Männer in einem Doppelbett

  13. The titles are about a tech-related trade fair, “programming tipps”, software reviews, and the new whatever it’s called microdrive. Also, no one here in Germany is actually called “Gretchen” – guess the name is more common in the US than Germany nowadays. I would have thought Boing Boing readers could come up with better stuff than stupid stereotypes about nationality.

    By the way, the name of the mag is a backronym which translates to “Computers programmed for entertainment”.

  14. So what does it say of my oldschool geekyness that I immediately noticed that there was no power cable attached to the C64? But oddly there seems to be a floppy drive or printer attached to the serial port…

  15. Okay is it just me or are those E.T. sheets on the bed. Look under his left hand it looks like the words E.T. in the same font as the movie. That’s makes the photo all the more creepier – they are obviously doing it in their kids bed on their kids computer!

  16. East German covert propaganda. That’s actually a very complicated 10’s control console linked to a Western sympathizer and agent they are torturing just off camera. Sick beyond description. Luckily the agent was rescued because of the photograph.

    Okay — tried to make a piece of super-cheese something more interesting. Instead just made it sort of disturbing. Sigh.

  17. “Nine more interesting programs!” Yes, I’m sure there was a 6 page listing of BASIC POKE commands that would make your PC beeper produce a sound that, if you really wanted to believe, sounded kind of like “hello”. I also once typed a listing off a magazine that resulted in a BASICA “game” where you had to land the lunar module by typing in scalar values for the deceleration burns. EXCITING!

  18. This… this was my fantasy. Bed. Woman. Commodore 64.

    I’m not ashamed to say I teared up a little.


      (it’s a complicated language)

  19. Dave Faris writes:
    > I have to wonder why they bothered plugging in the power
    > to the C64, but not the video.

    Actually, Dave, the power cord would be on the left-side of the machine, and it’s the one that’s missing. The cord in the picture is the 5-pin Audio/Video cable that plugs into the Commodore 1702 Monitor.

    But I hardly think those two are doing any meaningful computing with neither a disk drive nor a tape drive!!

    Also, there a boobies in that picture.

  20. Oh wow. I guess I’m the only one here who actually owned a couple of issues of this magazine, but for some reason I missed this specific gem.
    I remember all of their covers being supremely cheesy and the type-in game listings being universally broken – I probably learned more about programming from debugging their listings than I did in university. :-)

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