Worst Ice Capades Evar

(via Geisha Asobi)


  1. What’s with the TWA missile in the back? Is that the Big Bad Wolf’s next plan of attack?

  2. The “TWA missile” is the Moonliner from Disneyland. Doesn’t make the costumes any less disturbing, though.

  3. Why is one of the little pigs wearing diapers but the other little pig has no pants?
    Cartoons don’t translate to real life well do they?

  4. I believe there’s a typo in the title of this post – should read “Best Ice Capades Evar”. Thx.

  5. Looks like the Disney Black Sunday curse spilled over to the Ice Capades.

    The production values are understandable, though. Advanced plastics/molding and other synthetic materials weren’t in wide use for costuming at the time, were they?

  6. Disneyland and the Ice Capades has an interesting history. Walt was a master of cross-promotion, or as the Disney company calls it now, Synergy. So using the Ice show to promote his films and parks made perfect sense. When the park was preparing for its grand opening they didn’t have their own character costumes. They called up the Ice Capades and asked to use their costumes for the opening day celebration. The four legged Dumbo, Mickey and Minnie, and other characters you see in that footage are all Ice Capades costumes.

    Btw, it looks like this photograph is from the 1957 Ice Capades tour which included a number on Disneyland.

  7. And yet Donald Duck looks pretty much like Donald Duck.

    By comparison, it’s almost like they blew the budget on Donald and had to make the remaining costumes out of socks.

  8. I will have a hard time deciding which characters to haunt me in my dreams tonight. Right now, I’m going with the three pigs. The third one looks hauntingly like Nikita Krushchev. We may never know if pig #3 was diapered or went commando for the show. I’ve never seen Dumbo resemble Charlotte, from Charlotte’s Web before, either. All this from someone who spent 25 or more years trying to get the insipid song from Small World out of my head. Ironically, I was only cured when I took my kids to Disneyland and the ride broke down in the middle of Small World, with the music continuing to play (true story). It was a very unorthodox “cure”.

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