Awesome one-man reenactment of Downfall "Hitler Bunker" scene

hitlerth.jpg YouTuber Brandon Hardesty re-enacts all of the roles (yes, including Hitler) in the "Downfall" scene made famous through internet funny-caption videos. This really is a phenomenal specimen of online video greatness, and a damn good performance. Nice going, Brandon.

Reenactment #56: Downfall, aka the "Hitler Bunker" scene

(thanks, Mark Day)


  1. I was totally ready to rip on this, but it is, indeed, pretty brilliant. It’s almost as good as the shampoo/mouth bubble schtick.

    1. scifijazznik,

      Ditto. And I will undoubtedly rent Downfall after seeing this version.


    1. The funniest Hitler since Mel Brooks.

      For some reason, I parsed that as “The funniest Hitler since Mel Gibson.”

  2. Inevitable. I was trying to figure out what the next step would be; I thought it would be recutting a brat pack movie with the audio. Obv. this is easier. Now we can just resubtitle this vid!!!

  3. I lost it when his moustache fell off.

    Also, I was amazed how close he was to the real thing when he raised his trembling hand to remove his glasses.

      1. Are there any alternate hosts of the blooper reel? Brandon Hardesty’s site is being blocked by our corporate network security system (grrr!).

    1. Yes, the part where he lost his mustache also cracked me up. I wonder whether he did this just for fun, or for a class. I can recall making really bad videos of Spanish plays during college. One of them called for the characters to strip and paint on each other’s bodies. My professor was disappointed that we didn’t follow the script.

  4. The next logical step is for someone to change the subtitles on this video and create a new sub-meme.

  5. So glad to see Brandon get featured here! I’ve been following his work on Youtube for years, he’s an incredibly talented guy, I really recommend watching all the other stuff on his channel. It’s totally the kind of thing that when you first hear about is easy to brush off as just more youtube crap, but this is the kind of stuff that makes YouTube a great thing.

  6. aaand – it points to aspects of the copyright discussion that are less often thought of. i like that.


  7. Superb.
    If this doesnt go viral, nothing deserves to go viral.
    And I hope the Academy members see this: I smell Oscar.

  8. I remember watching some improbably-amusing Downfall variation about two years ago and suddenly realizing: if this bit isn’t getting old yet, there must be something unusually great about this movie. If I’d known it practically opens on this scene, that very correct intuition might have kicked in even sooner.

    1. Agreed. One of the best things I’ve ever seen come out of YouTube — if not an Oscar, I hope this guy finds decent work somewhere. He’s keen.

  9. Nicely done, sir. Nicely done. Now this is the kind of stuff that makes YouTube worthy.

  10. Brandon is kinda adorable. I don’t know if he will read this, and I am kinda drunk, and also a dude, but Brandon: call me.

  11. Outstanding. I also lost it when the moustache came off.
    That, folks, is talent.

    And I’d bet he speaks German- or it’s the best phonetic parroting I’ve ever heard.

    1. He definitely doesn´t speak German. Although he hit the tone perfectly, the words are almost unintelligible most of the time.

      Very funny anyway!

  12. I’m very proud of my son’s addition to the Hitler “Downfall” meme…this one answers the question “What would happen if Hitler entered the FIRST high school robotics competition?”

  13. Did he let the neighbors in his apartment know he was doing this?

    Oh dear, that Mr. Hilter is at it again.

  14. wow, i’m impressed. does anyone know if he had any background in german before this? he even kinda got the bavarian accent in there. this guy wins many internets.

    bad ass.

  15. brilliant! can’t wait to see the remixes! this is a brilliant fight back, kudos. every cloud has a silver lining, and now the original doesn’t get the publicity, Brandon does. LOL.

  16. Yeah, he’s definitely doing it phonetically. Some parts are just not intelligible.
    And the “Bavarian accent” is a mixture of imitating Bruno Ganz and the American rolling of the r and inability to speak a soft “ch”

  17. Consider me thunderstruck! Flabbergasted! I shall indeed look into this thespian’s other works. Bravo!

  18. Very strange. It sounds German, some words are spot on, but it’s mostly unintelligible.

  19. No, he doesn’t know German. When preparing this he posted a vlog asking his viewers to help transcribe the original German so he could memorize it.

  20. I’m German and it’s obvious that he learned that scene phonetically. It is *almost* understandable. You can understand a fragments of what he says, but I needed the subtitles to understand all of it.

  21. This is actually the first time I got to understand exactly what the original script actually said…

  22. He uploaded an un-subbed version for people to make parodies now that the real ones are subject to bogus DMCA takedowns:

  23. What would be great would be if someone else, who’s never seen the originally “Downfall” parodies, now made a copy-cat of version of Brandon Hardesty’s version. And then someone else made a copy of THAT copy, and so on for a few generations…

  24. Bravo, Brandon! As one who is proof of Hitler’s Untergang (I’m a Jew born in Germany in 1950,) I think your video is *brilliant*!

    Best regards,

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