The Alchemist Keyboard


A beautiful "Alchemist" keyboard mod found at Datamancer. "The symbols for Earth, Air, Fire and Water are found on the arrow keys and the number pad uses stylized Roman numerals. The Enter and Shift keys are labeled with the symbols for Alchemical processes like mixing, stirring, combining..." (thanks, Pipenta!)


  1. Want. No. Demand!

    I shall not be content with putting stickers on my keyboard this time.

  2. pretty cool…

    Is there a cold-war-punk scene yet? Like where everything looked liked the inside of old airline cabins or the old missile silo control panels, with lots of legend lights, multicolored flashing pushbutton annunciators, and rows of toggle switches? Cuz that’s what I’m into and don’t really know a way to describe it as a scene.

  3. Even cooler: the row of number keys are the symbols for the sun and planets, in order of Sol-Pluto. Awesome!

  4. Oh, when you wipe off the keys with the planet symbols you can say “I am wiping Pluto. I am wiping Neptune. I am wiping …”

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