Can't sleep. Pork and beans boy will eat me.


  1. The little kid is seriously disturbing. And to think that I was looking forward to some baked beans at our Mother’s Day cookout this Sunday. Thanks Cory!

  2. “A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some Van Camp’s beans and a nice chianti…”

    1. omg.. i actually am a census taker, i went in to my local super market and a greeting card with sound had THAT when you opened it up.. so imagine my reaction when i have my census bag around me and im hearing this in public… i shat cinderblox.

    1. “Quid pro quo, mother. You get me a glass of milk, and I’ll tell you what I did with the cat.”

  3. This is like some kind of crazy serial killer kid. I know what he does with the bodies.
    “It’s not really pork and beans. IT’S YOUR PARENTS.”

    1. I have to agree with Trent Hawkins. That kid even has the Freddy Kruger stripped shirt.

  4. Looks like the little demon is eating the material removed from the brains of the victims of this week’s episode of FRINGE.

    I ain’t never goin’ to sleep now. The episode taking place in the forested misty land of TWIN PEAKS didn’t help matters very much…

  5. I have a feeling that if that were animated, he wouldn’t be eating it but just smearing it all over his face spoon after spoon while continuing to grin and stare into the camera.

  6. The lighting…is he eating those pork and beans in Ironforge? Maybe he’s taking a snack while watching a funeral pyre?

  7. Clearly he’s wearing the hat of the fly fisherman he gutted and now he’s eating his food.

  8. Devilish little bastard got into the pork n beans again. Little Jimbo needs a but whoopin.

  9. Actually, what this picture says is: “If you thought I stunk the house out before, then wait until I finish this can of beans!”

  10. Keeping in mind how factory farm pigs are treated, anyone who eats pork should look this evil….

  11. Knowing how factory farms treat pigs, anyone who still eats pork should look evil.

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