McLuhan's "Medium Is The Massage" LP

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Following up on the fantastic Brave New World LP that I linked to last night is another literary vinyl gem in MP3 format: "The Medium is the Massage," the 1968 experimental audio collage based on Marshall McLuhan's groundbreaking book designed by Quentin Fiore and produced by Jerome Agel. The Medium is the Massage LP


  1. I was just showing my copy of this to my wife the other day! Found it in a long-gone used bookstore in New Orleans (it’s an Ethiopian restaurant now…). It really captures the flavor of the book (and gets the world ready for Toffler’s Future Shock)! PS: Film version of Future Shock (narrated by Orson Welles) here:

  2. In today’s twitter-verse, I think McLuhan should be required reading. Unfortunately, his thoughts don’t fit into 140 character chunks very well.

    Thanks for posting this.

  3. Ah, for the days of hip intellectual coolness!

    I have a crappy cassette of this, dubbed from an LP a friend found in a college radio station. Time to get a legal copy!

  4. An absolutely beautiful LP of mind jazz – Firesign Theatre fans will adore it. I don’t see it on iTunes, though – and apparently there was a CD from Sony at one point, but it’s long out of print. I scored a really clean copy of the LP some years ago and made myself a CD version for listening purposes (in the process taking out that 60-cycle hum that was running throughout sides 1 and 2). If anyone wants one, we could probably work out a trade (just Google the phrase “Paradoxes are like Tokyo”).

  5. “Marshall Mcluhan/casual viewin’/head buried in the sand”
    — Peter Gabriel

  6. Ah, Siddfudd, I remember sitting in a dorm room in the 60s listening to this album in between Firesign albums. Wonderful stuff, incredibly useful still in helping you guess what disease you’ve got, and beating the reaper.

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