Resembles Yoda, this cloud does


Image from Discover Mag's Bad Astronomy blog (thanks, Phil Plait)


  1. Brilliant, but is it real or Photo-Shopped a tad? Never know, theses days! Still – makes a nice change from the alleged “Jesus” pics that folk claim to be able to see in just about any old object of late.

  2. Likely a dead pulse thunderstorm. Updraft lifts moisture straight up, turns into downdraft and precipitation, choking storm and removing the updraft base but leaving the remnants of the convective cloud.

  3. I’m the person that took this pic. I was photographing aircraft from the end of the runway at Vancouver International Airport. During breaks in aircraft landings, I took pics of other things. I was at Iona beach, the sun was going down, and I started taking pics of clouds. To be honest, I did not see the resemblance to Yoda until I downloaded the image later. When I saw it, I went, “Holy Crap! It’s Yoda!” No photo shopping was used at all. Totally natural!

  4. Evaporation is the path to the dark side. Evaporation leads to clouds. Clouds leads to rain. Rain leads to suffering.

    Much anger in this cloud there is.

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