Soul cover of Wilco's "I Am Trying to Break Your Heart"

Loving this catchy, brass-filled re-imagining of the haunting Wilco classic by Chicago's JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound. Perfect thing for a Friday afternoon!


    1. I am the same way. It seems like it takes on a much… douchier(?) persona with an upbeat sound, but it’s definitely a neat cover, props to the band.

    2. I’m right there with you.

      There’s something especially powerful about “haunting” songs like this. When they’re covered (even in really clever, imaginative ways that I like) I find myself yearning for the original the second the melody or hook finds its way to the surface.

      I feel the same way about kick-ass pianist Jason Moran’s version of Bjork’s Joga, for example.

    3. As someone who has never understood the cult of Wilco, the parts of the cover I like really seem to be tied down by the bland moroseness of whatever Wilco initially created.

      But I am in support of any and all neo-Soul/R&B. I find modern Indie music is so tedious and dour and “NPR-ish” (see comment on Wilco above) that I’m in support of anyone who brings life to the genre.

  1. Am I the only person who wants the singer to get a different haircut, or maybe put a hat on? Yes? I’ll show myself out.

  2. Holy smokes, this is awesome. As a Wilco and R&B fan, this hits me on all cylinders.

  3. as a wilco-lover, I also have mixed feelings about this. I’m used to bawling my eyes out over this tune, though. props for mixing in the bridge of ‘theologians’!

  4. I am not so sure that I can get behind this. I mean I love this song dearly, but I’m sitting here and the lyrics almost sound absurd when sang so upbeat. I want this song to be more brooding, and it seems to tear apart the feeling of the song. Still not as bad as Will Oldham’s Greatest Hits version of I am a Cinematographer, but odd, nonetheless.

  5. I love the original, and I love this musical style…not sure if works together though. Put me in the love/hate category as well. I’d like to hear other songs by this group though.

  6. Oh wow, I love this! I’m not gonna lie, I can’t get behind Wilco. I’ve heard the albums and seen them live and it just doesn’t do it for me, no matter how hard I try. This, however, is gravy!
    What a good selection – thanks for posting this!

  7. I’m too partial to the original to be impartial regarding the cover. But big props for the bridge.

  8. Big big Wilco fan and I love this! :)

    Thx BB for a great punctuation point to the week! :)

  9. The best covers differ from the original greatly, but still come out on top. This is really good. Not very original in terms of arrangement, but an amazing ‘period-piece’ recreation of a great song.

  10. I have lotsa respect for Wilco, but I can’t listen to depressing music, so I’ll take the party tune all day every day. FYI, Wilco gave the clip props on their Facebook page today.

  11. I guess I’d throw myself into the Love/Hate category as well. The cover version is fun and enjoyable – the band is great – but there is just something about the raw emotion of the original that can’t be beat.

    Also – if you haven’t seen it, the Wilco documentary named after the song is absolutely fascinating.

  12. These guys played at my band’s summer festival ( a couple of years back. Their show is so full of energy and completely fabulous. On record they’re a great modern interpretation of mowtown/funk greats, and live, a time machine.

  13. As someone who loves soul and finds Wilco an immensely uninteresting band, I fully support this cover.

  14. I would just like to say thank you for this post. I’m not one who normally posts replies to a blog entry on a RSS feed, but I was so impressed by the sound, energy, originality, and overall vibe of this group that I bought the album. It’s was especially enjoyable to hear such a heartfelt and soulful take on an already exceptional song. You’ve made a fan of me, even if by proxy! ~E

  15. Fully on board with this cover. Love the stark sadness of the original, but also dig how grafting the quasi-cryptic lyrics of the song onto a soul party jam results in a long-lost Swamp Dogg jam. (Listen to “Total Destruction to Your Mind” with its lyrics about “sitting on a cornflake/riding on a roller-skate” to see what I mean.)

  16. they used the bridge from Wilco’s Theologians so that this has a bridge….and it works….wow

  17. This is clean. One of the great things about Wilco is how different their live shows can be from their recordings. I think this pays a great tribute to that.

  18. I saw Uncle Tupelo play for the first time in a buddy’s kitchen in Evansville, when I was 13.

    This cover is absolutely spectacular, people. Get up and shake your skinny white ass for once.

  19. Dunno why, but I keep getting flashes of Tim Roth when I watch this…

    Yeah, now you can’t unsee it.

  20. Wow! It’s a very faithful cover that sounds completely different from the original. Well done.

  21. Bold choice, fun band. As a big time/long time Wilco fan I gotta say I admire this effort but it doesn’t work for me. Maybe it’s because this is Tweedy’s ‘signature’ song, so that makes it tricky territory. I want to hear this band do ‘Misunderstood’ next. Smile.

  22. This is a perfect cover. It completely re-imagines the entire song and does a stellar job of it. If I waned a “faithful” cover I might as well just listen to the original. I’ve often thought that covers are useless and uncreative endeavors, but this one makes it’s own artistic statement and does so in fine style. Excellent.

  23. i’m digging this, but the singer’s struggling to cram all of jeff tweedy’s weird-ass lyrics in there. i wouldn’t call foul if they trimmed it down a bit.

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