Walt Disney World's Haunted Mansion: stupendous essay


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  1. Anonymous says:

    The Haunted Mansion has been a favorite at all the Disney parks for generations. I totally get the lack of continuity “issue” seeing as its so ‘not’ Disney. Disney is known for its storytelling perfection. Yet there’s something completely sweet and fun and timeless about the Haunted Mansion. When you see every age rushing to get in line – my 5 & 7 year old nieces consider it their favorite ride – it speaks to something that words likely will never express.
    And be it in whichever land – except maybe Tomorrowland, which I think would be somehow really weird – like you’re predicting something you shouldn’t with this – the Haunted Mansion will always be one of the best houses on the block to visit.
    RoriTravel’s Florida

  2. Doombggyman says:

    FoxxFur (the author of the post) has been a dear and valued friend of mine for the last 10 years. I’m glad to see her blog getting this kind of recognition!

  3. wallstreetwalker says:

    i was there the year it opened. lived in the area so visited often. moved when i was 16 and haven’t been to Disneyland since. i was always more of a *submarine ride* kid myself ; )

  4. Wuss Brillis says:

    The unbearable lightness of being a Cartesian in a haunted house. I think therefore I am a.. ghost?

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