Elfquest movie inches closer to actual existence

Attention Elfquest fans! The creators say in an interview with Geek Tragedy that a script for the indy comic's long-awaited movie—in development hell since 1981—has just been delivered to WB. It has four months to greenlight before the option expires. They also discuss Avatar blues; making inadvertently eco-friendly low fantasy; and the social intelligence of fools. Co-creator Richard Pini also demands more and better slash fan-art of the protagonists. Can you provide, yaoi fans? Yes you can. But not here. There.


  1. Uh, about the Avatar Blues… is it really true?? I figured it was just the media latching onto something bizarre to sell news, but… really? People get ‘suicidal’ after watching the movie?

    I mean, seriously??

    1. The Avatar blues exists, but I hope the Media blew it out of proportion. Still, a good demographic analysis after each playing, along with a control of other movie play post reactions would be nice.

  2. I hope this doesn’t happen to what I consider Elfques’s spiritual successor: Girl Genius.

  3. I really loved Elfquest…until the last three issues when the elves turned wierd and suddenly they were into orgies and a death cult. The change was so sudden that it was no longer Elfquest but some sodden parady of the story. What happened? Did Wendy just get tired of writing, and wanted to kill the characters? Mebbe I missed some important point in the storyline because it made no sense to me. Can anyone out there enlighten me?

    1. The orgy scene always made sense to me. They were going to a war they knew would greatly reduce their numbers (of a very small race to begin with). By trying to impregnate as many females as possible, the survival of the species was greatly increased. On top of that, the tribe of Go-Backs has lived a harsh life their whole existence. All they knew was death. Read the REST of the story and see what happens. The Go-Backs learn some harsh lessons once the one thing they fought for is not there anymore.

    2. Recall that the Wolfriders had always had a short, harsh, frequently bitter relationship with Mr Dead, and that their brief respite among the Sun Folk was a sort of settling time. Those Wolfriders who could not stay comfortable in the frou-frou, munching tomato sandwiches, struck out toward Blue Mountain.

      You recall, later, how their introduction to the Go-Backs was a savage handshake that only a few among them could truly reconcile to. That said, however, the savage was in them; both their involvement with Khavi and her tribe, and their impatience for the attainment of the “Home Place”, made easier for them the immersion into total war mode.

      It is actually perfectly normal – in a far more honest, far less civilized way than our falsely civilized society – that they should act this way.

  4. Anon < I assume you mean the last three issues of the original series, which was in the late 1970s. It continues up to this day, with hundreds more issues published, so I would say that Wendy did not, and has not, gotten tired of drawing them! The issues did take a dramatic turn late in the first series, as they should, since they were an exploration into the tragedy and price of war

  5. Orgies and death cult? Are you talking about the Go-Backs here? Because that’s kinda their thing. They get a lot worse after that, but I wouldn’t use them to characterize the entire saga.

  6. @Anon – Reaction formerly known as the “Wisconsin Trade Federation.” From context I have to guess you’re referring to the ending of the Original Quest, and it sounds like your perception of the story took a whiplash 180. Maybe a reread is in order? The entire opus (not just the OQ but every comic thereafter) is online for free at elfquest.com. Thoughts now, versus then?

  7. The idea of the end of the Original Quest being of the “last three issues” is funny. There’s so much more after that.

  8. I’d love to see an Elfquest movie. I wish the Pini’s all the hope and luck in the world, but I won’t believe it until I’m walking out of the door after having actually watched it.

    Seriously though, best of luck.

  9. I’d think that the cure for the Avatar Blues would be to, you know, go outside and walk around in the woods. Trees in the real world might not have bioluminescence, but they’re pretty nice as they are.

    I read one of the ElfQuest novelizations years ago and I’m going to have to take a look at the whole story online.

  10. OMG.
    pleasepleaseplease let this happen!

    Anon, the Pinis relinquished their creative veto on Elfquest and what you got was a bunch of “New Blood” (hahah sorry) writing for the brand.
    That being said, there’s always been the presence of healthy orgies in Elfquest. It’s kinda their thing.

    Your comment maeks me think you’ve only read the first series? Dood, read the rest – so good.

  11. @Carriem – the Pinis never relinquished their creative veo on Elfquest while they were publishing the comics. They were very much involved with New Blood. (It wasn’t my favorite title, either, but it had a healthy following.)

  12. WOW it’s hard to see an amaizing book become a movie!from a well writtin story, and butiful drawings… to a movie???!!! I wonder how hard the anamation was, and how long it toulk.

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