Buy this awesome glass pyramid


My husband and I went looking for salvaged radiators, we found this, instead—a 65-foot-high glass pyramid with a 90 square-foot base. Baker—that would be my husband—thinks it would make a fabulous Northwoods cabin. Or maybe a BoingBoing world headquarters.


  1. Or you could plop it down in front of an art gallery in the middle of Paris amongst gorgeous centuries old buildings, thus collecting numerous accolades from the architectural elite.

  2. 1. Purchase new evil headquarters
    2. Hire minions for new diabolical scheme
    3. ?????
    4. Profit!

  3. I wholeheartedly second the Boingboing World Headquarters idea.

    I ask you, Cory, Mark, David, Xeni, Lisa, Maggie, Brandon, Rob… does Boingboing not deserve the incredible awesomeness of a World Headquarters?

    A place for the Boingboing community to make a pilgrimage?

    A bohemian cyberpunk intelligentsia mecca – a year round Burning Man-esque domain where freedom of thought reins unchecked.

    Think about it, just think about it!

  4. Yeah, I’ll take that, I’ll also take that sweet water slide (at same salvage site), and plop it right next to my sweet-a$$ glass pyramid!

  5. I’ve got radiators…heavy doesn’t even imply the issue with moving one.

    Everyone KNOWS iron is heavy, but until you need to move something that’s 2.5 feet high and 5 feet long and weights probably more than 400 lbs….it’s a bitch.

  6. Ah, but does it come with one of those cool mechanical window washing droods like they use at the Louvre.

  7. I thought Louvre and then I thought Burning Man. Too many things make me think of Burning Man!

  8. Come to Memphis! We have a bigger boarded-up glass pyramid actively doing nothing.

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