Literary sports jerseys

Novel-T sells literary sports-jerseys whose backs are emblazoned with surnames of famous writers or their characters and whose breasts bear an insignia emblematic of their work.

Novel-T (via Super Punch)


  1. It’s a cute idea, but… there’s something about putting a representation of an anus (from Breakfast of Champions) over someone’s left breast that makes me want to start running and never stop.

  2. I bought one of these at powerHouse Books in Brooklyn a few months ago (Edgar Allan Poe), but I had no idea there was a whole set. Nifty!

  3. That is truly cool.
    The site isn’t holding up well to the boinging.. and they SERIOUSLY need to make that website a bit nicer (the fonts don’t look so nice and the design is somewhat.. beginner-ish)

  4. Ah, is that what it is? I thought it was an ice crystal, and was coming to ask why the number on the back wasn’t a “9.”

    1. Yes, and the 5 is likely for Slaughterhouse-Five. I love this, but I’d be even more excited over a Cat’s Cradle reference.

    2. Sorry, I didn’t read correctly. I was getting frustrated that THESE PAGES WILL NOT LOAD….

  5. @arikol Yes, their website is failing terribly. They definitely need an upgrade in all sorts of ways.

    But you gotta love the tees!

  6. Terrible web site. Is it hosted on 28K dialup?

    Great shirts though.

    If they made a Pynchon shirt with the Trystero muted posthorn, I’d buy half a dozen.

  7. I’m glad I got the joke since Breakfast of Champions is (gasp!) the only Vonnegut I have read.

  8. Can someone ‘splain the imagery and numbers for lil ‘ole semi-literate me? I get some, but certainly not all :(

    Oh, and is there an “Orwell 84”, with “++” on the front?


  9. Sizes that only go up to an ‘XL’? Dudes, the average woman wears a size XL or larger. Might as well just say on the website, ‘Only available for skinny hipsters’.

    1. I agree about the sizes. I like big shirts too.

      I REALLY wish I could find a chart I saw a couple of years ago, comparing sales-by-size of t-shirts at LinuxWorld.

      It was funny, and scary, how the percentages of XXL & XXXL have gone up over the last 5 or 6 years.

  10. I’ll lay odds some of these writers or their representatives ask them to stop. While original, it is probably not fair use.

    1. It looks like they have permission:

      “Images displayed on the front of the VONNEGUT and TROUT shirts are registered trademarks of the Vonnegut Estate and used by permission. F. SCOTT FITZGERALD® and Gatsby is a trademark of The Fitzgerald Estate Limited and under exclusive license through Fashion Licensing of America, Inc., New York, NY 10001.”

  11. The “++” on the Orwell is a reference to “Doubleplus good”, a nonsensical phrase from 1984 to show the decline of language.

    Vonnegut’s “*” is his way of drawing an asshole (ha!).

    The Poes are references to the poem The Raven and the short story The Telltale Heart.

    The C on Ahab’s shirt is because he was the captain (ha!).

    Gatsby has his famous car.

    Whitman has Leaves of Grass

    Sawer has a couple Oars.

    Finn has a raft.

    I’m not sure if Alice’s cupcake is a reference to the ‘grow’ cake from Alice in Wonderland, or if it’s an author I’m missing.

    Darcy (Pride and Prejudice) has his coat of arms.

    Don Quixote has his windmill.

    Darwin has 22 (# of chromosomes humans have) and a dividing cell on the breast.

    Man… these are awesome. I kind of want to buy, like, 4.

  12. Yes! I’m so glad that this got noticed. I got one of these at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. AHAB #2. I like Poe’s Raven shirt, but they were sold out. :(

  13. #22 Darwin here I come – Honk if you love Darwin!

    As I went over the site, “Love Really Hurts Without You” came on the radio, and my brain got all funny and imagined printing a t-shirt with that lyric and an image of KY Jelly.

    I don’t know why.

    These shirts are villainously good.

  14. More skeleton key:

    Emily Dickinson has a window to the world that never wrote to her.

    Jonathon Ames lives in Brooklyn.

    I can’t read the character on the chest of Lao Tzo’s shirt, but number “69” is a reference to yin-yang, Taoist symbol extraordinaire.

    And I am not nerdly enough to read the Trout (sorry, internet). I presume it’s Kilgore, not Fishing In America, and thusly another Vonnegut reference. Po-tee-tweet!
    Reminds me of this. Not sure if I should get a black one with “STICE” on the back (sure I’m not the first). Or matching ones with “Kenkle” and “Brandt”.

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