Michelangelo-esque sculpture of Mario and Peach


There's something so quiet and sad about this sculpture of Mario dying in the arms of Peach. It's carved out of styrofoam, and it's called "Game Over".

Artist's page (Thanks, Mitchell!)


  1. I want that one carved from marble.
    Or to see a full size (or even huge one) at a museum. That would be >VERY cool

    1. OMG I’m not a Mario Bros fan, but if the artist carved that one out of marble, I would help drag it into its museum without accepting a dime of payment.

  2. It’s bigger than I thought. He could cast that in bonded marble, although it looks pretty good as it is.

    I’m noticing a trend… kitchy pop icons mashed up with traditional Christian iconography. I wonder, what’s next?

  3. That’s a total rip of the cover of CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS #7!!

    (…what does a ninja turtle have to do with it?)

  4. “Ludology?” As in Magister Ludi? I have to admit, having spent more hours immersed in those tiny handheld screens than is proper for a senior citizen with an actual life, that the concept of reality sometimes goes begging in lotusworld. I thought the artist’s comment on eternity vs. progress was pretty perceptive.

  5. i saw the pieta on acid. it was incredibly beautiful and fluid. but walking into “the arms of mother church” took more than a little steeliness.

    on topic: this is very nice.

  6. Perhaps nitpicky, but Michelangelo-esque makes me think of similarities to his technique and approach. Pietà-esque would be more accurate, perhaps.

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