Woman startled by demonic face on canned pear, wants recompense from company


Wendy McMahon of New Zealand opened can of pears she bought at a Pak'N Save, and was "shocked" to find a pear with a "face" peering back at her. She called the toll free number listed on the can to complain. A representative returned McMahon's call, and followed up by sending her a NZ$15 voucher. McMahon then mailed the pear to the canning company (Heinz-Wattie). The representative called back to report that nothing was wrong with the pear, and offered McMahon a NZ$30 voucher. McMahon told the representative "that wasn't good enough," and demanded that the pear be returned to her.

Woman finds "Demonic tinned pear," wants recompense from company (Via Arbroath)