Reverse engineering the perfect (or worst) TED talk


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  1. jeligula says:

    In the days before I got the Jabberwock Quark XTension (a long time ago, in a galaxy..), I used to type passages at 300+ wpm that sounded just like that to fill space in ashcans and working dummies. Very stream-of-consciousness and it wandered all over the place. This post made me chuckle with nostalgia.

  2. robert b says:

    I know….semi off-topic; Any idea when and if they’ll ever post video of the Sarah Silverman TED trainwreck session? Me wants.

  3. eviladrian says:

    The PDF chart is kinda scary. It’s like if a robot could see his own source code “Wow, that’s all I am?”

  4. dross1260 says:

    Oxygen, girls and aircraft…
    That was my favorite scene in Spielberg’s 1941.

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