Tom the Dancing Bug: Super-Fun-Pak-Comix

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Another installment of Tom the Dancing Bug! The full strip is after the jump.

And be sure to check out Ruben's work in print: Thrilling Tom the Dancing Bug Stories (Andrews McMeel, 2004); All I Ever Needed to Know I Learned From My Golf-Playing Cats (NBM Publishing, 1997); and Tom the Dancing Bug (HarperCollins, 1992).



  1. Ruben, if my memory is working correctly, a long time ago in one of these Super-Fun-Pak comics you did a bunch of mashup comics. The one that sticks out in my mind was a cross between Cathy and Ernie Pook’s Comeek. Has that been collected anywhere?

  2. TTDB is one of the best ever. Stupid Salon dropped it, even though that and Tom Tomorrow is the only reason to drop in. Now I have to go to this sleazy site with those fake news story ads complete with sports, weather, and stuff that all take you to more browser-trapping malware touting get-rich-quick working-at-home scams.

    The early “Charlie the Australopithecean” were my favorites. But the fun pack comics sure bring the meta.

  3. Yay! Super Fun-Pak Comix are my favorites of all the TTDB. With the possible exception of the ads for Crazy Morty’s.

  4. These always remind me of one of my favorite Peter Bagge comics of all time, from the Neat Stuff days. It’s in the Stupid Comics! collection which my much older brother gave me when I was 11 because he’s basically a bad person and it’s called Generic Comics and it’s awesome.

  5. Man, I love this “How To Draw Doug”.

    Also, now that Salon killed all their comics, I never even go there anymore. Mwomp mwomp. Their loss, I suppose.

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