Portal, the corporate training success video

Aperture Scie-- err, Valve just put together this video highlighting the successes of their "Portal recruitment program", and yesterday's announcement that the game is free on both Windows and Mac through May 24th. The video's highlight: the tramp-stamp dig at Half-Life universe corporate rivals Black Mesa. Also noteworthy for people who haven't been following its progress closely: Aperture's assertion that the Free Portal initiative is crucial for helping find skilled partners for the upcoming sequel's co-op mode. Portal is FREE! [Valve]


  1. Wow, free on both Windows *and* PC? Crazy!

    (I’m *sure* you meant Windows and Mac, right?)

  2. Free is nice. Free and working would be better. Installation claims to have succeeded, ditto registration, the website accepts my password, but the Steam client is completely failing to access their servers.

    1. It’s been kind of flakey, but I have managed to download and play portal and torch light.

  3. Steam has never dealt well with high levels of load.. and making it available on the Mac has certainly generated lots of load.

    People die, people pay taxes, the sun rises, and steam refuses connections on release day. Things you can depend on!

  4. The fact that there will one day be more Portal is a source of great joy to me. Best. First person game. Ever.

  5. I’ve long wondered that there isn’t more of this sort of intertextuality between games from a single software publisher, referring to earlier titles gives repeat customers a little inside-jokey chuckle and may drive new customers to investigate older games that might otherwise not be on the radar, even more so if it gets meme-y like Portal did.
    NB – Crapulent attempts by EA to mimic the Marvel Comics model don’t coun’t, as far as I’m concerned.

  6. Great Vid! I already had Portal but someone else posted about it on our clan’s forums so others can get it as well :)

  7. I’ve been meaning to try Portal. The majority of video games don’t appeal to me (my all-time favorite is still Below the Root), but Portal seems like one I would enjoy. Now I have no excuse not to try it. Going to download it when I get home from work, server load permitting.

  8. Man, I was able to download it and play it last night, and sat down for some more today, but it downloaded an “update” that makes the portals themselves opaque black. The game is a lot less fun when you can’t see through the portals. Still more fun than most, but dangit that feature is the whole point.

    Here’s hoping the next fix fixes the last fix.

  9. I’ve been looking at all my typical game sites (IGN, Gamespot, Gametrailers, etc.) and I’m really surprised that there’s no coverage of this. What gives? Free Portal + Steam for Mac seems like a big deal.

  10. Portal.

    I have never in my life actually hated a game AI before. The game grabbed me by the brain-stem and had it’s way with me.

    Waiting for the new version….. waiting…. arggggg

  11. Well, you think they would have waited the couple of weeks until northern hemisphere 3rd-level exams had finished.. what are they trying to do, ruin society’s next batch of recruits?

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