Call me juvenile, but I laughed. Hard.

Made by Ian Collins for the Big Caption

(via Super Punch)


  1. No it shouldn’t. “Fuck you, flowers,” would be a little better, but there should definitely be that comma after the “you.” And I want that shirt.

  2. Let’s see…
    Flowers are pretty to the level of truism. So are little girls. Destroying two clichés in one kick and capturing thin on a photo (the literal meaning of the word ‘cliché’ in French)…
    That’s enough to titillate someone’s brain.

    Thanks Juvy Doctorow.

  3. I love this so much. The girl’s position and facial expressions are perfect for this.

    1. It is actually funnier without the added caption.
      Not that I am a shrinking violet.

  4. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!eleven!!!!1!!!elves!

    -abs is with Cory on this one, it definitely tickles his funny bone, but he does believe that the addition of extra profanity (say like “Right in the Fucking Face”) might make it even funnier by further super-imposing Samuel Jackson and the full-on large-bore shot of cute that is the girl and the flowers

  5. This is wrong. Flowers are reproductive organs. The caption should say “Right in the Balls” …or whatever is your favorite reproductive organ to kick.

    1. Their faces are their balls!

      Everyone with allergies is only having a natural reaction to being in the midst of the biggest bukkake event of the year.

  6. Flowers are the plant’s reproductive organs, so it would be more like getting kicked in the nuts.

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