Sword & Sworcery EP dev Superbrothers eulogizes Frank Frazetta

swordsworceryfrazetta.jpg With the moons in alignment and the latest "teletex bulletin" released, Superbrothers -- 1/3 of the holy trinity behind upcoming iPhone adventure Sword & Sworcery EP and creator of Boing Boing feature Less Talk, More Rock -- has written a lovely eulogy for recently departed artist Frank Frazetta:
Frazetta is many things - a 20th century old master, a pop surrealist pioneer, one of the finest book illustrators who ever lived - but those descriptors can't communicate the enormity of his legacy. If a painting is awesome, if it kicks you in the teeth & grins, if the darks are dark, the skies afire, the men hard and heavy with muscle & sinew, the women voluptuous and/or diabolical, the figures masterfully sculpted, the creatures immaculately constructed, the action over-the-top, the colors vivid, the compositions bold & striking & bloody & fierce ... if an eerie moon rises above a craggy mountaintop castle, then it's likely that Frazetta lurks within... and he's probably watching the Mets.
Read the full version here, and sign up here for future Superbrothers teletex transmissions. ART LEGEND ASCENDS TO VALHALLA [Superbrothers]