How to poo in space

Gizmodo has posted a video this morning that takes us through the process of pooping in space. Alignment is very important, apparently. And the hole is much smaller.

How do you poop in space: the movie [Gizmodo]


    1. But once you’ve mastered the Japanese “western” toilet you will never have a better pooping experience.

  1. A always figured that there were so few astronauts that they would all be aware of each other, but one of the astronauts in the blue shirts says to Mike “you would have made a marvelous astronaut”. Is he unaware that Mike has been in space twice?

      1. It is right after Mike makes the comment about Easy Rider. It must be an inside joke I guess.

  2. Reported engineer’s comment, upon looking at the blueprints: “As far as I can tell, the $#!+ is _supposed_ to hit the fan!”

  3. If alignment is a factor, that means this is an activity that requires skill, therefore can be made into a sport, and therefore can replace poker on ESPN.

    Maybe all of the speculation about LeBron going to New York or Chicago is misplaced and he’s going to pull a Michael Jordan and just jump to a different sport entirely… space pooping.

  4. You watched it… you can’t unwatch it!

    Seriously though, that was really educational. I will appreciate gravity, plumbing and my privacy a lot more the next time I need to go to a regular earth potty.

  5. This is covered to hilarious effect in Mary Roach’s new book, “Packing For Mars” coming out in August.

  6. That may be the newfangled way for hipsters, but the original story of how to poo in space was explained in song by Donovan:

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