Linda Stone on email apnea and continuous partial attention

Avi sez, "Linda Stone, who coined the term 'continuous partial attention,' riffs on the intricate connection between breathing, attention and our interactions with technology."

I have enormous respect for this work-project of Linda's: an astute technologist and observer of technology, she's dedicated herself to helping us figure out how to consciously allocate our attention, and to prevent technology from making us miserable.

May I have your attention please? - Linda Stone - SIME 09 from Ayman van Bregt on Vimeo.

(Thanks, Avi!)


  1. I’m guessing I’m not alone in “watching” this video while doing about 4-5 tasks for my regular work? :)

  2. I watched the first minute of this before someone walked into my office to ask me a question… If someone could summarize – thks

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