Punk photography from Maximumrocknroll

Wired's Rawfile has a killer gallery of photos from Maximumrocknroll, the venerable punk magazine, which published its first photography issue this year: "'I think of that picture of Robert Plant with his arm in the air, with the mic and the light shining behind him, bare-chested with the vest thing on,' said Paul Curran, longtime volunteer with Maximum Rocknroll. 'We're the opposite of that.'"

My favorite is this one, by Jason Penner, of a 9 Shocks Terror gig.

Maximum Rocknroll: Kick-Ass Photos From Iconic Punk Mag


  1. I had no idea they were strapping down the PA cabinets these days. Things have made progress since my punk sound system work in the 1980s.

  2. I ran sound for two dozen punk bands this weekend, and got pictures of all of them. It’s gonna take me another week at least to work through ’em all, and I know I didn’t get anything nearly as good as what’s shown above, but I did get some damn good stuff. If I think of it once I’m done, maybe I’ll come back here and post a link to some of the better shots. (But I doubt it; you know how that goes.)

  3. What a weird and confusing article. MRR has been publishing for almost 30 years, but all these photos are from the last two or three.

    Why are they saying this is their first photo issue? I bought “If Life Is a Bowl of Cherries, What Am I Doing in the Pit?” in 1986.

    And no mention at all of Murray Bowles?

  4. The wired site credits this photo as:

    Photo: 9 Shocks Terror, by Jason Penner.

    The credits are a little confusing on the “view all” page, but I think that’s the right one.

    1. wait I’m having a senior hardcore punk moment…that’s me with the Flying V and “boycott Trans Am” hat. at the Mabuhay in S.F.

  5. does anyone remember HARDCORE 3-D? great book of photos that’s impossible to find now.

    1. Is it pics from HC punk in generally or is one scene the focus? What years does it cover? And any idea who wrote it? Perhaps some university library has it…

  6. my favorite punk photography book is Edward Colver’s “Blight at the End of the Funnel”. All punk photography will be compared to his work ultimately, but nobody can top him. His shots were featured extensively in the film “American Hardcore” and his photo was also used for the over the book. http://edwardcolver.com

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