Help raise funds for BlinkWorks documentary Indie Game: The Movie

Winnipeg filmmakers BlinkWorks have just gone live with their Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for Indie Game: The Movie, a feature length documentary chronicling and examining "independent game developers as a way to understand the medium and the theory behind video games." As you can tell from the portion above -- a look back at the childhood of Super Meat Boy, Aether and Time Fcuk creator Edmund McMillen -- the parts already completed are gorgeously shot and animated, and put the focus precisely where it should be: on the people behind the games, and how their experiences and thought processes are distilled into their work. For more of BlinkWorks' prior game dev documentary experience, see also this early profile on Infinite Ammo head Alec Holowka (he of Aquaria, Paper Moon and the upcoming Marian, and donate to the film for your own DVD of the finished product via Kickstarter. Indie Game: The Movie [BlinkWorks]


  1. It’s unfortunate. I tried to add this video to my channel on Vimeo, but he’s disallowed that. Strange that he doesn’t want it to spread. I emailed him, in case he didn’t know that action was disallowed.

    Anyway, the video’s awesome, and I can’t wait to see the whole movie.

    1. Hi Jellybit. Got your note. You were right, we just had that box unchecked accidentally. You should be free to add it now.

      Thanks for the head’s up!


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