Newly-discovered frog with funny long nose

 Telegraph Multimedia Archive 01638 Frog-460 1638436C
Researchers in Indonesia recently discovered this unknown species of long-nosed frog. It is one of many new animal species they've found in the Foja Mountains of New Guinea. From The Telegraph:
"We were sitting around eating lunch," recalled ornithologist Chris Milensky. (His colleague Pual) Oliver "looked down and there's this little frog on a rice sack, and he managed to grab the thing."

"Herpetologists [experts in snakes, lizards and frogs] have good reflexes," Mr Milensky observed.

"Scientists discover frog with inflatable nose"


  1. “Hey look a new frog!” *grabs* *dies* “Hmmm, what should we name it?” “Poison dart frog”

  2. Must remember to pick up a “Congrats for Evolving!” card at Whole Foods today and pop it in the mail to him. Or her.

  3. Grabbing random unknown frogs sounds a bit of a bad plan to me. Maybe it’s unknown because everyone else who came into contact with it is DEAD?

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