Official Hair Styles for Men and Boys

More scenes from a book tour: Official Hair Styles for Men and Boys, as seen at Simpson's Family Barbershop on El Camino Real in Menlo Park, CA, where I got a fast and top-notch trim.

Official Hair Styles for Men and Boys sign, Simpson's Barbershop, Menlo Park, CA, USA


  1. Casey’s Barbershop in Austin, TX also has this sign. I always like to check out the style names.

  2. I look forward to seeing pictures of you in your new flat-top and fenders (bottom, third from left).

    Also, did your barber bear an uncanny resemblance to Oliver Hardy?

  3. I’m sorry I missed you, Cory.

    That poster has been in the window for as long as I can remember — certainly the early 1970s.

  4. LOL! i used to get flat-tops there when i was going through my butch phase in the 90’s! honestly thought, i don’t remember that poster. ah… to be young, dumb and in love with hair cuts that make you look like a medical experimentation victim!

  5. I was dubious about these hair styles until I noticed they were OFFICIAL. Now I’m okay with them.

  6. Roffler Sculpture Kut shops used to have a horizontal chart running along the top of the walls with hair styles like these.

  7. So hard to choose! The Ward Cleaver? The Mr. Drysdale? The J. Jonah Jameson? They’re all so…

    1. Until I started going bald that was my haircut. From 1976 to about 2005. It survived 12 years of Catholic school and raged defiant at a state university. Bland heads unite!

  8. I’d like the Caesar Romero, if you please. It complements my pencil-thin ‘stache just so.

  9. I remember those charts from when I was a kid back in the 60s, and I live not far from Menlo Park. Maybe if I go in there and ask for one of those haircuts, they can magically give me one that has hair on top?

  10. Holy crap talk about memories! I used to go there with my dad to get haircuts when I was a kid. I’m really glad to see the barbershop is still alive… and from the looks of things, everything is still exactly the same. Both of those signs were there 25 years ago.

    We would go on saturday mornings, and invariably- golf would be on the TV. I used to get my hair cut by this guy named Don, who barely ever said a word… and no matter what I asked for, I always got one of those “official” haircuts. I’d always get a pack of smarties after getting a haircut, so it wasn’t all bad.

    I’m sure the original guys are long since retired… but it really makes me happy to see somebody is still carrying the torch.

  11. One other thing- It’s not Herman’s barber shop, that’s just the name of the supply company. The real name of it is Simpson’s Family Barber Shop.

  12. When i was a kid in the 60’s, my barber had a poster similar to this one. I’ve been searching the web for years in vain to find a dupe of it!

  13. I remember the same poster back in the 60’s too, I remember studying each style and selecting this one or that one during my younger years growing up.
    I also remember that no matter which one I chose I got the same hair cut from that old fart, and it never looked like anything on that dayum poster!

  14. I believe the style at bottom-left, labelled “Butch,” is also commonly known as “the Felon.”

  15. I remember that poster from Leola, Pa., in the Sixties.
    Where can I get Vitalis online?

  16. The barber in my home town had a sign on the wall that simply read “Regular haircut- $5. All others- $50.”

  17. The last time I got a haircut at Simpson’s from one of the Old Guys was probably 4 or 5 years ago, maybe more. It was especially memorable because he was chatty and his voice sounded like a cup of 3/4″ bolts poured into a blender. Almost totally unintelligible. My military friends all got their high-and-tight cuts there back in the 90s.

    Finally: My keyring is a Simpson’s LED carabiner, given to me by the current lady barber.

    Regarding the poster itself- doesn’t every old school style barbershop have one? I see them everywhere.

  18. Anyone know if “Simpson’s” has a webcam/or website?I’ve seen that poster years ago in quite a few “oldtime” barbershops.Always had a “flat” for the summer;and then longer on top;but close on sides/back.

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