1946 comic about a psychopathic man-baby


"Enjoy" this four-page 1946 comic book story about a psychopathic man-baby who spends his day coming up with ways to torture animals and torment his parents. Fun for the whole family!

Little Jack Horner in Jack in the Box #11 (October 1946)


      1. you guys, and yer friggin puns! :)

        search for no hidden meaning here. i have not the gift.

  1. This reminds me of the Baby Snooks Show, a comedy show from the early days of radio…interestingly similar, as she often tried to play with/kill her baby brother in the same way Junior did with the cat.

  2. Reminds me of a great science fiction story (from Asimov’s?) wherein a braniac dictator of the future sends tutors into his past to train him to be even smarter, starting at toddler stage. It follows him (and his poor parents) through several months of him getting smarter, more telepathic, unstable, etc. I really liked that story, though I don’t recall it’s name.

  3. Well, that lil boy is now set to be raised by “Father Flanagan” and grow up to be Ed Gein…

  4. Am I the only one who read this and instantly thought “Oh, another political comic of water-boarding terrorists”? Then saw that it was made in 1946, I guess life really does imitate art.

  5. If this comic were made today, there would be legions of people on the Internet trying to get the man-baby’s information to the police for cruelty to animals.

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