Boing Boing exclusive: trailer for Winnebago Man documentary

Boing Boing is proud to be first to present the trailer for the new documentary, Winnebago Man. I can't wait to see the film! (Warning: trailer above has plenty of cussing.)

Ben Steinbauer, director of Winnebago Man, says:

Boing Boing was one of the first websites to feature the "Winnebago Man" viral video, so it seems fitting that the theatrical trailer for the Winnebago Man movie, should make its premiere here. I first discovered the "Winnebago Man" clip in 2002, when a friend handed me a VHS tape with a bunch of underground videos. The blurry outtakes of a middle-aged RV salesman having a meltdown, was far and away my favorite. The hilarious barrage of profanity was so jaw-dropping that my roommate and I watched the clip every night for a year. I literally memorized it, and showed it to everyone I knew.

After the online video revolution took off and the "Winnebago Man" turned into one of the first Internet video sensations, I became fascinated that millions of people were watching this man, yet no one knew anything about him. I learned that his name was Jack Rebney, and I eventually hired a private investigator to find out if he was still alive. It turns out that Rebney had been living alone on top of a mountain for more than 15 years, and until recently he had no idea about his online fame or that the outtakes even existed. And that's when the real story began.

Winnebago Man will be released in theaters in the U.S. and Canada starting July 9.

Official website | Twitter: @WinnebagoMan



    How about the ultimate buddy flick with Winnebago Man and Epic Beard Man? I’m sure it would be full of flowery commentary.

  2. I saw this movie at IFFB and it was phenomenal. Ben Steinbauer is a really nice guy, too.

    There was this crazy lady in the audience who totally didn’t get the film, and asked why the filmmakers would want to ruin someone’s life by spreading a movie like that. Steinbauer was really nice about it and tried to explain that he didn’t actually do that, but she just didn’t understand. It was hilarious

  3. I NEED to see this movie!

    bonus having the Found Footage Festival guys in the movie.

  4. …you might also like 1997’s “Ernest Borgnine on the Bus” from Jeff Krulik (best known for co-directing “Heavy Metal Parking Lot”).

  5. Whoa! Holy Crap! I know EXACTLY who this guy is! I used to work for Kinko’s in Redding, CA and Jack used to come in fairly regularly. He sometimes had a difficult time with my other co-workers, not really bad, but he didn’t have a lot of patience. We seemed to get along well, so I would usually be his go-to guy. I quite liked him and would spend a half-hour or so speaking with him on each visit. He has some very insightful things to say and was a pleasure to talk to. That said, I wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of his temper. Aside from his intelligence, razor sharp wit and expansive vocabulary, he’s also about six-foot-five and can be quite intimidating, even at his age. I don’t work for Kinko’s anymore and I don’t miss much, but he’s one of the customers that I do miss.

  6. This trailer reminds me of the Best Worst Movie teaser:

    Even down to the phone message.

    Which is fitting since these are the two documentaries I most want to see.

  7. This movie is fantastic. Not only is it completely entertaining from beginning to end but touching too. Congratulations Ben!!!

  8. There was an Florida old folk song I heard about 30 years ago, written by Don Grooms (deceased) called Winnebago. Some of the lyrics, as far as I can recall, went something like:

    Now Winnebago as we all know
    is an old Indian name.
    It means standing stagnant water;
    it ain’t no claim to fame.

    But the sunshine state
    thinks they’re just great
    and they smell just like a rose.
    It’s some man from Michigan
    in a gol’ darn Winnebago.

    They got their ol’ CB and a color TV
    and every third car on the road.
    It’s some man from Michigan
    in a gol’ darn Winnebago.

  9. This movie is fantastic. I had the pleasure to see it at its premiere at SXSW last year. I also had the honor to have my Polaroid photos used in the opening credits. As Anon #4 says, Ben is a super-nice guy and I’m very happy for him that he got a distribution deal.

  10. The Revelation Film Festival in Perth, Western Australia screened this film as part of its 2009 season. It was INCREDIBLY funny and moving, had excellent word of mouth attendance, and when the producer and director actually rang up Jack and spoke to him live in front of a rapt audience, it was just magic.

    I’m so glad Winnebago Man is getting a US and Canada release, it’s just a fantastic film – get everyone you know to go and see it!

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