Laptop webcam stickers remind you of the snitch inside


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  1. cratermoon says:

    I can’t recall where I found the original (someone please speak up to give credit where credit is due!) but I’ve been known to place stickers made from this image where they are most effective:

  2. lava says:

    I can fix that school spying problem with a piece of duct tape.

  3. dougfort says:

    In Pat Barker’s ‘The Eye in the Door’ a prisoner paints an eye over the hole the warders use to look into her cell.

  4. Joe Funk says:

    Yep. The only flaw I see in these stickers is that there’s a hole where the webcam is.

    I miss the days when webcams had plastic flip covers over the lenses.

  5. Moriarty says:

    This’ll show ‘em!

  6. Chris Tucker says:

    Perhaps not as cool as the CCTV stickers.

    The iPatch sliding lens cover.

    US$4.99 Silver/Black/White

    Don’t leave your school supplied MacBook open on your desk in your bedroom and turned on without one!

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