Open Science summit: Berkeley, July 29-31

Joseph sez,

This summer, scientists, hackers, students, patients, and activists will convene to discuss the future of our science/technology paradigm. Topics include: Synthetic Biology, Gene Patents, Open Data, Open Access, Microfinance for Science, DIY science, DIY Biology, Alternative Funding for Science, Open Source Drugs, Patent Pools, Open Health/Medicine, Patient Advocacy for Innovation

Ready for a rapid, radical reboot of the global innovation system for a truly free and open 21st century knowledge economy? Join us at the first Open Science Summit, an attempt to gather all stakeholders who want to liberate our scientific and technological commons to enable an new era of decentralized, distributed innovation to solve humanity's greatest challenges.

Sounds great to me! The event runs July 29-31 in Berkeley, CA.

Enlightenment 2.0: Unleashing the Open Science Revolution (Thanks, Joseph!)


  1. Sounds awesome. Wish I could be there.

    A lot of my resent short fiction has revolved around the ideas of DIY Biology and alternative funding methods for science.

    Gl guys!

  2. I just went to a similar event – OpenSciNY ( )at the Bobst Library at NYU and it was fantastic. David Hogg gave a great talk about openness in astronomy research. I wish I could make it out to Berkeley, but I’ll be looking forward to OpenSciNY 2011.

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