Tank covered in bookshelves: Weapon of Mass Instruction

An Argentine artist has built a tank covered in bookshelves that he drives through the streets of Buenos Aires and remote towns, operating it as a kind of bookmobile, or "weapon of mass instruction."

Literature gets a ride in the streets of Buenos Aires (Thanks, Scott!)


  1. This tank piece is well-meaning, but stupid, and one more reason antiwar people are treated as fopsy hippies by the prowar crowd.

    1. Yeah, man, you tell ’em! Stupid smart people with their learnin’ and their books. Buncha hippies. Bet they all go home at night and cry into their herbal tea that Donald Rumsfeld won’t come around for lentil roast.

  2. also relevant to the story is the history of ford falcons in argentina: the government drove green ford falcons when they were kidnapping their own citizens during the dirty war. those cars hold a lot of symbolism for argentines, so the artist’s choice there was definitely not random.

  3. And I thought the HOL RPG was just a pastiche of sci-fi clichés and gaming tropes. Turned out it was a prophecy of Brazil in 2010.

    PS: AFP – part of the cancer that is killing America

  4. “This video contains content from afp. It is restricted from playback on certain sites.” Guess afp doesn’t like BoingBoing.

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