Play Pacman on the Google home page today

In case you haven't seen it already... Google has turned its home page banner into a playable Pacman board for the game's 30th anniversary. Just insert a coin!



  1. If you push the “insert coin” button twice, Ms. PacMan shows up for a 2 player game. Ms PacMan is controlled by the WASD keys.

  2. I always thought it was so unfair that an eaten ghost got to come back right away. At least they should have to wait until all the other ghosts have returned to normal.

  3. That’s awesome. I suppose this is our unicorn chaser for that godawful Human Centipede post?

  4. If you take the option to have the 2-player game, but if you only play Mr. Pacman, and leave Ms. Pacman sitting there idle and alone, the ghosts do not attack her. However, blue ghosts will run into Ms. Pacman, giving her points. Nice ghosts.

    1. NOT playable on iPhone Safari.

      maybe it is on iTouch or iPad, but the insert coin button does NOT appear on iPhone after switching to “classic” google mode. very sad

  5. I saw the banner at it found it nice. I kept on googling before realizing that Pacman was playable. Got stuck inside the second “G” but that was fun.

    The coolest thing was to be able to insert a coin without being redirected to Paypal.

  6. lol. work for a computer tech support, many elderly with computers were calling in thinking there was some sort of ‘virus’ on their computer, because it sounded like an alarm, when they had google as home page. lol. we had 100’s of calls. =)

  7. This ‘game’ apparently loads the sound of a siren onto your browser and cannot be shut off. How is this different from malware?

  8. High score: 19,270 which must be pathetic but I don’t remember doing so well..

  9. I played this game for two minutes thinking “why is this board so f*d up? did they turn it sideways to fit in the banner?” Then I realized my ability to recognize things in my environment has been crippled by the exhaustion of my job. So I quit. Thanks, Google!

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