Yu-Gi-Oh and Catholicism booth, NCFest

More scenes from a book-tour. Today I had a couple hours free, so I stopped in at the NCFest at the state fair grounds near Raleigh, North Carolina (I love a fair!). Lots of great stuff: bought a cheap megalodon tooth, ate Masonic BBQ, and saw this: a booth advertising Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, and "Ask me about Catholicism." (More NC Fest photos) Click through below for some highlights.

So great to see so many happy mutants today at the Cary Barnes and Noble. Hope to see more of you tomorrow at Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill at 1PM.

Next stop is NYC: with events at Books of Wonder (May 26, 6PM); Brooklyn's Powerhouse Books (May 27, 7:30); and McNally Jackson (May 28, 7PM). The tour wraps in Toronto on June 4 with an event at the Merril Collection at 7PM. ( Full tour schedule)


  1. Just to let everyone know, not all of NC is like this. Having gone to school in Raleigh and lived in Cary/Apex for several years, there are a lot of transplants (especially in Cary).

    I do remember getting something for take out at TGI Fridays and the people at the bar were talking and no one in the group of probably 10 was from NC…I thought it was funny and sad all at the same time.

    1. I understand what you’re getting at, but I do find it funny that you sort of imply that the only thing keeping North Carolina from being one big metaphorical State Fair filled with rednecks is the people who have moved there from other areas.

      Truthfully, just like anywhere else, North Carolina has its share of “State Fair folks” — people who delight in paying 50 cents to see the alleged “World’s Largest Alligator”, to stare with wonder, mouth agape, at the endless rows of fancy portable bathrooms, or to devour deep-fried anything. But NC is not unique in that respect.

      I’m a native North Carolinian, and I go to the State Fair just about every year, and it’s more fun to observe the weirdos than see the attractions. State Fairs and similar events do bring out the crazies.

      By the way, NCFest is not the State Fair, in case anyone is wondering. The NC State Fair is held in October. The fairgrounds are used for other events throughout the rest of the year.

      Oh, and I heard they’ve scrapped the Freedom 2000 program. NCASA’s funding was cut, so the mission to repair the Bubba Space Telescope will be their last.

      1. I’m pretty sure that most BB readers would be happy to pay 50 cents to see the world’s largest alligator.

  2. The sign claims they sell ‘computer portraits’, yet they seem to be advertising portraits of people. I’d much rather a shirt with a picture of a Commodore PET 2001 than one with a picture of an overweight machinist named Harold.

    1. The sticker on those three signs says “All 3 weekend businesses for sale now” if I read this correctly – you can check out a larger version of the picture if you click the “More NC Fest photos” link.

  3. Hell when we get to see the worlds largest gator it’s $5 and a case of salmonella.

  4. I’m OK with the “Computer Portraits”. It isn’t the first such booth. I remember, very very long ago, going on a field trip in high school to the International Fair in Boston (as a Spanish-class student.)

    This was in 1979-1980.

    There was a “Computer Portraits” booth!


    It made prints to what was certainly an expensive dot-matrix printer with two print-heads, and a B&W video camera, of the vidicon type so prevalent at the time. I can’t remember the system but believe it was most certainly S-100 based; there was a computer (text) monitor, a preview monitor, the computer and the printer.

    I paid $4 and got my picture on a printout for Mom. I still have the printout.

  5. Having been there on many occasions I can say that the catholic Yu-Gi-Oh guy was not part of NCFest. Every weekend at the fairgrounds is a flea market and the Yu-Gi-Oh guy is there as part of the flea market, NCFest occurs in the adjacent part of the fairgrounds.

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