Cardboard homebrew irising mechanism


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  1. Jason baker says:

    The arms aren’t facing the direction I initially imagined them, but I found (probably because of sloppy cardboard cutting) that I was having more trouble with closing than opening. Reversing them meant the flaps would be pulled the “difficult” direction. The segments fail to open all the way, though, because I made the outer ring to be too small. (I should have traced a larger flowerpot!) Measuring properly rather than eyeballing everything would fix both of those issues – I guess I’ll have to do a build 2.0!

  2. mr_h says:

    Reminds me of the most awesome cardboard and hot glue artist I’ve ever seen – Patrick Joyce – check out his skills :

  3. Anonymous says:

    Cory, during your talk in Chapel Hill you mentioned a piece of version control software you use when writing. What was it called?

    Thanks for coming to the Triangle!

  4. curiousepic says:

    Thanks for coming out to Chapel Hill, Cory, I really enjoyed hearing you speak!

  5. Anonymous says:

    James Baker,I love that you made a cardboard version. However, I notice that the arms are facing the wrong direction to pull the iris segments open. I guess this remix works by pushing them, but the weak leverage doesn’t seem to push them all the way. Mirror flip the arms segment for greater win?

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