Gallery: Amusement imagines game consoles, architected

44_ifiwerepresidentnessmall.jpg The ever-stunning games/art/fashion/culture mag Amusement brings us these images of inhabitable game consoles & handhelds, via their If I were President... feature. Click through for a hi-res gallery, and see Amusement's site for subscription information, which you won't regret at all. [via Rex]
44_ifiwerepresidentds.jpg 44_ifiwerepresidentps3.jpg 44_ifiwerepresidentnes.jpg


  1. Honestly, the PS3 looks REALLY REALLY good on the Potsdamer Platz. Could do with less of the Spiderman font though.

    1. the ps3 logo font is the same as the spiderman font (it has been since the beginning). however, yeh, i don’t know why it would be there in this composition. the other two consoles don’t have text on them.

    1. That pipe is part of a water drainage system that’s in place in Berlin. There are sections of the pipe that emerge, snake around, and then go back underground.

  2. Please. “Architect” is not a verb. Architects do not “Architect” things, we design them.

    Please stop perpetuating this Microsoftian grammar train wreck.

    1. As an architect and accomplished linguistic stickler, I feel obliged to tell you that “architect” can, in fact, be used as a verb (according to the Oxford English Dictionary, at least). Usage citations go back to 1813… I’m pretty sure Microsoft wasn’t around yet at that point.

    2. bbonyx: English is rapidly moving to a pure-positional grammar. All nouns can be verbed. And hacker culture has been at the leading edge of that trend. (Let’s face it, geeks love playing with rulesets; language is just another toolbox – to be filled with better tools.)

      Whether the resulting verbs should ever actually be used is a different problem. Personally I think ‘architected’ is an ugly word, but there are some clear uses for it, distinguishable from ‘designed’.

      The DS scares me. Consider the size of thumb you’d need.

  3. Hmm. I think the PS3 logo was left in because it’s the only one that looks like it could be an actual building.

  4. Haha. It’s funny perspective if you think, that location of DS in Berlin is the approximate location of Hitlers bunker, lol :)

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