Hand-carved nautical woodcuts


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  1. skatanic says:

    I came across Tugboat’s work a while back on Etsy. I haven’t been able to purchase any prints yet, but all of them are amazing. Kelp Tower is my favorite.

  2. PaulR says:

    Thanks Everybody!
    It has certainly been a busy day here at the shop!

    Virtually everything on our website is a collaboration between my wife and I, so there are actually 2 artists behind everything. We come up with all the ideas together, then draw them directly onto the blocks of wood in pencil, trading them back and forth until we are both happy with them. Then we ink in the drawing with sharpies, adding detail, texture, and value. Then we pick up a sharp knife and cut around the drawing. Then we roll ink onto the block for each print individually by hand and lay paper one at a time until all of them are printed. The whole process takes a while, and is very technical, but we just love doing it.
    Thanks again for all the interest, and Thank You, BoingBoing for letting more people know about us and our ‘not-quite-obsolete-yet art form!

    As for a book, we’ll probably wait a few years and get some more stuff together before being properly goaded.

  3. cinemajay says:

    These are beautiful! Perhaps the artist can be goaded into collecting them into a book (hint, hint!).

  4. eyebeam says:

    Saw these guys at Bazaar Bizarre in Cleveland. Beautiful work.

  5. Christovir says:

    Sad-Kraken sure looks weary of guarding his ancient sea treasure…

  6. hassenpfeffer says:

    Cool, another place I have to visit on my next trip to Larryville! Thanks, Cory!

  7. jeligula says:

    Truly magnificent work. I can see that people have good taste because the best works are sold out. “Hammerhead swarm” sent chills up and down my spine because I once dove through one off the coast of Saipan. If the artist hasn’t seen it himself, he was working off a great photograph. I must have some of his work on my walls. Can’t wait to see if he reissues “Hammerhead Swarm” and “Diving Whales”.

  8. Thac0 says:

    If i had one wish; it would be to be able to make art as beautiful as this.

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