Kid's mirror affirmation

In this YouTube clip, "Jessica," an adorable kid, wakes up full of beans and spends 49 glorious seconds enumerating all the awesomeness in her life before the bathroom mirror. If this doesn't make you happy, you are dead inside (especially as she opens her rant with "Look, I can be a SHARK!").

Jessica's "Daily Affirmation"

Update: And here's the same delightful kid, grown up to the age of 13, being awesome (Tx, Pesco!)

(Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


  1. reminds me of that pep talk Dennis Quaid does in ‘Innerspace’ :)

    Makes me wonder what drugs this sweet girl is …

  2. I must be dead inside, because this just depresses the hell out of me. I miss the days when I could lie to myself that easily.

  3. It’s all good until she falls off the sink. That’s all I could think of the whole time, was, “Kid, you’re gonna fall off that sink.”

  4. I like falling from the sink and cracking my skull wide open on the bathroom tiles…

  5. This clip just makes me so happy. Kids are so pure in their emotions. When was the last time any of you were that happy about anything?

    Bearclaw- I don’t think the sad part is that she is lying to herself, but that somehow adults accept feeling terrible as “normal”.

    1. Avra, perhaps it’s because, like me, you noticed the open (and recently used?) potty at the end of the clip…

      What a sense of accomplishment: (with apologies to Chris Griffin) she turned her food into poo!

      /I keed!

  6. I’d always heard her opening as “I can be ‘assert'”. Which is great, because the world needs all the serts it can get.

    Also, be prepared for the protracted debate between the “Yay! Little girl against the world!” side v. “How terrifying, stupid, and dangerous is it for her to stand on the sink like that!!” folks (ref. #6). Have fun!

  7. “What a very privileged little blond girl, with her own room, and her whole own house and her sense of security.” That’s been my thought since this clip first started making the rounds.

    1. So, I suppose she should be humbly shuffling along and bowing her head in deference to anyone who might have been born to circumstances that weren’t so good?

      I mean I’ll grant you what you quoted could be considered ‘thoughts’ but I’m not sure what the point of them is? Oh wait, right. People should feel bad and not be happy with their lives. Gotcha.

  8. Between the comments in this thread and in the ’13 year-old climbs Everest’ thread, Boing Boing has raised the bar for ridiculously sour-grapes comments by jerks who seem to like nothing better than putting other people in their place and making sure everyone else sees the core of shit that just has to be inside every feel-good story.

    Fuck you guys.

    1. No kidding!

      I did think it was cute and I’m not even a kid person.

      Gratitude. Look into it, eh?

    2. I could have to do something with the „if this doesn’t make you happy, you are dead inside”-bit. The essence of arrogance and smugness emanating of it quite overshadows any amusement I get from the video. Most be a hormonal issue, I think.

      1. Did you just call a small child’s gleeful capering “smug” and “arrogant”?

        Really, go outside.

        Walk in the sun.

        Have some ice cream.

        Hug somebody.

    3. I think it’s not so much the video, but the “dead inside” comment that brings the so-called “sour grapes” to talk, and the arrogance in the idea that everybody should think those things are “feel good” for everybody.

      I’m a happy and joyful person most of the time, and this video leaves me cold. I’m just not interested in random kids being “cute.” Why should I? Just post the video if you must, but going around calling people “dead inside” if they don’t like it is silly :)

  9. I’m dead inside, please return this video to the mom/dad that thinks it is cute to share every little moment of their kids life.

  10. Wow. Over half of the comments here are seriously brain dead.

    Lying to herself? Falling? Privilege blah blah bleeehhh…? Ya’ll should be ashamed of yourselves.

    She can do good, and she’s excited about that. What can you wretches do but piss and moan about some young girl being jazzed about life?

    You, or that broken part of yourselves that isn’t capable of gleaning the good in this vid, are what is wrong with this world.

    Grow up. Act like big kids. Fix it.

  11. Thanks Boondocker…what a pack of miserable f**kwits and foot-dragging sadsacks…peddle yer misery elsewhere.

  12. Another vote from the “dead inside” contingent, but I already knew -that-. While watching, I just can’t help but wonder how staged it is. I mean, I rather hope this kid’s parents don’t keep a camera in the bathroom at all times.

    1. I don’t believe it’s staged. I have no problem with assuming that she’s of a very cheerful disposition and and acts that way quite often, which makes it easy to catch it on camera.

      Oh, perhaps she was asked to „do that again“, but I don’t consider consider triggering responses as staging as such, unless the subject in question has been trained for it.

  13. I think I’m going to do this more often myself. Because I do like my house and my mom and my dad, and my aunts and uncles and etc.

  14. Love it.

    If the kid was wearing a Boba Fett helmet, instead of the cute hair, there would be 100 more positive comments on here. I’m a total nerd, but reading what some others say here makes me feel well-adjusted by comparison.

  15. I’m not dead inside, and this didn’t make me happier than I was before I saw it. (feeling pretty good already, thank you very much!)

    But it was interesting how age appropriate her happy things are. I hope in another twenty years she’s able to riff just as enthusiastically about her job and the world outside the house.

    I’m quite content to see kid videos of the good times, no sane parent wants to upload their child’s temper tantrums to teh web.

  16. Oh it’s good to feel that excited about everything. Perhaps a lesson a few of the boing boing commenters could learn. Much better to be happy than hateful.

  17. So….here’s the thing. I don’t think she’s saying “I can be a shark!” After numerous viewings, and because I worked with children’s books for a long time, I think she’s saying “I can be a SARK!” – Sark is a children’s author known for her REALLY positive affirmations. It’s a weird way to phrase it, but maybe less weird than saying “I’m a shark” and then not doing anything remotely shark-like.

    Just a thought.

    1. greermahoney,
      Spot on! The kid’s great, but I kept wondering “what prompts a kid to do that?”. Not that there’s anything necessarily wrong there, just curious behavior.
      Makes sense.

      1. It’s normal kid behavior-my kids do weird and wonderful stuff like this all day. I remember feeling so glad like this little doll when I was a kid-wake up on a flawless summer just after school got out day feeling like my heart would burst with joy. Sometimes I can almost feel that exuberant again when I witness my daughters’ joy-or when I watch a video like this.

    2. I believe you are correct. The first time I watched it, I thought she was talking about SARK, the author. She would make a perfect Mini-SARK. :)

  18. I was happy after I watched the vid, then, I read the comments, and now I need a unicorn.

  19. A sibling/relative cheerleading squad must be called “The Sharks”.

    This makes perfect sense in that context. All she needs is the pompons.

  20. Well,I guess I’m totally dead inside too.

    (I’ve seen these young, elite super-tots in Hamptons every damn summer. They usually carry iPhones!)

    Thank you, Good Blood, and most everyone else for restoring my faith in adult rationality with your comments.

  21. I was too distracted by watching to see if she’d fall off the sink and crack her head open. Clearly this child has no boundaries in her home.

    That said I did like her enthusiasm. Maybe she could put some of that enthusiasm toward potty training. I noticed her wearing a diaper.

  22. Cory,

    what is that glue that holds all of your contradictions together to make you a whole human being?

    BTW, thanks for decreting me dead but it wasn’t necessary. The “I can do anything better than anyone…” did me in at the end pretty well.

  23. You can choose to be sad or you can choose to be happy. I’ll pick the latter every time–no matter how shitty my life is going. I’m not a pollyanna. I’m a realist who chooses to be happy.

    And for those who feel that they’ve been particularly screwed as of late, a favorite quote of mine…

    Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you –Sartre

    Hippy version…

    Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose –Joplin

    1. k88dad-

      I’m with you, but, please: “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose” is KRISTOFFERSON.

  24. Meet the “New” Masters of the Universe.

    Tom Wolfe could build an entire novel on this kid
    (and her super-parents).

  25. People who are dead on the inside, should work on the remaining outside and spare us your emo gloom. Put down the PS3 controller and take a stroll outside or something.

  26. This is just awesome! So sweet.

    You buggarheads with the negative comments can go kiss a truck.

  27. As a parent, I do not think this was staged (aside from, perhaps, the parent saying, “hey I am filming you now, can you do that thing you just did again?”). However, as a parent, I spent a lot of time thinking, “get down from there, you will crack your skull…do you want to go to the emergency room?” which is actually a fairly common thought I have when watching my five year old.

    As for the “dead inside” thing, this was cute, but most kids do super cute things and, being immersed in the world of children, I think I have become somewhat immunized to garden variety cuteness.

    1. Agreed.

      Also, there’s an infant in a crib in the same room, if I’m not mistaken.

      The sibling rivalry in this family is going to epic.

  28. um, why are some people assuming this child is some sort of super privileged child of some sort of rich self centered people? The bathroom, although nicer then mine does not seem to exude any sort of opulence, in fact it looks a little shabby in some ways, dated even. And she seems to be as much if not more focused on liking her parents and family. Geez, it a happy kid doing some amusing kid thing and i am glad i saw it, it make me smile.

  29. “better than anyone.. better than anyone…”

    that’s awesome! :D

    Thanks for sharing


  30. This video is fuhreakin’ adorable!

    I’m really baffled at some people’s ability to judge this girl and her family as spoiled, materialistic, arrogant, and contrived based on 50 seconds of footage. There’s nothing wrong with a little girl expressing gratitude for the good things in her life.

    1. Lots of the critique isn’t at all aimed against the girl.

      Personally, I have nothing against the girl. Just another happy monkey. Good for her.

  31. I used to think that Boing Boing commenters were amoung the most reasonable and intelligent on the internet, but this thread has proved me otherwise.

  32. Good for her. Hope she enjoys her childhood and keeps as much of that great attitude well into her adulthood.(Appears to be grateful, not smug or spoiled tbqh)

  33. I enjoy how this video/thread has made the commentors neatly sort themselves into Optimists and Dickweeds. (The Pessimists didn’t bother clicking Play on the video based on the thumbnail.)

  34. Zadaz • #56

    the inability of the ‘optimists’ to countenance any differing viewpoint from the ‘dickw…

    aah. who cares.

  35. I found this slightly disconcerting too, and I think I know why:
    It reminds me way too much of that scene in so many movies where a failing realtor/salesperson/businessperson, etc is trying to psyche themselves up in the mirror while thier life/marriage/career is collapsing around them.

    Has nothing to do with this girl, but that’s what comes to mind for me…

  36. Is it not possible to think something is cute just because a kid is doing it in a charming manner without being dead inside? Or is not finding the positive actions of children hearting the definition of being dead inside?

  37. It’s a sign that I’ve been reading BB comments too long that even as I was enjoying this video I was mentally checking off the complaints that would come up. So fair, most of them have.

    Adorable video, guys.

  38. People. The “dead inside” line that you’ve been throwing hissy fits over is just a bit of innocent hyperbole, nothing more.

    Besides, a great many of you have not exactly been doing a lot to disprove it, have you?

    “What, a small child enjoying life? How dare she? Every single being in the entire world must be as miserable and self-pitying as I am, or I’ll know the reason why!”

    (Reminds me a lot of Mencken’s definition of Puritanism: “the haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.”)

    *sigh* I prefer to think that these comments don’t represent a genuine cross-section of the population, but rather that sourpusses tend to be downright evangelical in the cause of spreading misery. I guess they feel threatened by anything else.

    Not nice, not nice at all. It’s almost as if they were… wait, what’s that phrase? Oh yes: “dead inside”.

  39. Thumper: My mom says if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

    I adore this little firecracker!

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