Nigiri-shaped donuts

Jacques sez, "Here's something I saw in Bangkok last week that wasn't engulfed in flames. Some Thai Mister Donut restaurants are selling nigiri-shaped donuts. They call it 'sushido.' Each donut nigiri piece sells for 10 baht, which is 32 cents or so."

Sushido (Thanks, Jacques!)


  1. You should head down to Surat Thani, there’s occasionally a stall at the night market which sells the same things but you get 2 pieces for 10 baht – or sometimes 3 if you know the owner ;)

  2. I saw something like this on Death Note II, and was wondering about them and similar treats. Thanks for the post!

  3. those look like twinkies… or, whats the twinkie-like thing with frosting on top? zingers?

  4. Onigiri are triangles. But nigiri-sushi is something different. So, those “sushido” are indeed nigiri-shaped.

    I wonder if these’ll be introduced to Japan…

  5. Is that a pun? As in sushi-do meaning in “the way of sushi” and also as in sushi-donut?

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