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Photographer Ruth Bayer took a series of portraits of people while they were high on poppers. Of course, poppers refer to alkyl nitrites sold as room deodorizer or video head cleaner but used recreationally as a club drug or sex enhancer. Bayers published a book of the photos. From an interview with Dazed Digital, where you can see some of the portraits:
DD: What do you think is interesting about the visual effect of the drug?
Ruth Bayer: It makes people look very sexy – a lot of it is to do with the dilated eyes and increased sensual awareness the chemical causes.  

DD: Which are your favourite portraits?
Ruth Bayer: Most have a twinkle in the eye – it seems like there’s an unspoken invitation from the sitter to share the experience, or at least convey it to the viewer. The eyes become incredibly expressive – very odd. Not everyone looks like they were having a good time, but I can assure you they did!
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