The Lobster and The Liver: The Unique World of Jim Woodring trailer

I can't wait for this documentary about cartoonist Jim Woodring. When is it coming out?

The Lobster and the Liver' is a documentary about the Seattle cartoonist Jim Woodring. We chart his journey as a child experiencing terrifying hallucinations, through his troubled youth as a prankster and alcoholic, and examine his current status as a master craftsman and seeker of spiritual truth. As well as displaying his incredibly surreal artwork, we also interview his family and friends and some notable cartoonists, including Peter Bagge, Ellen Forney, and Jim Blanchard.


  1. Per Jim’s blog it’s showing at STIFF ( Seattle’s True Independent Film Festival) June 4 – 7.

  2. Also worth looking up is the DVD of FRANK animated cartoons, each by a different artist.

  3. Can’t wait–I’ve been a Woodring fan for years and years and it’s about time he got the Crumb/Pekar treatment.

  4. I like Woodring a lot, too. I was thinking of introducing my 4 year old to his work, but everything I have would give him nightmares.

    Has he done anything that’s appropriate for young kids?

    1. I gave the Frank book to my 4 year old. She loved it. She is now an 8 year old and seems to have had no ill effects. Particularly liked reading it together and just thinking about what might be going on.

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