7 Copyright Questions for Canada's DMCA Minister


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Many Canadians don’t even know that the CBC releases DVDs, let alone that they’re regionfree.

    Moore clearly has no interest in protecting Canadian art at all, which is why he’s the heritage minister.

    He’s probably an ineffective puppet who repeats what his owners (RIAA+MPAA) tell him, but in the end he won’t do anything.

  2. GeekMan says:

    The last point is the most telling:

    “7. Is Moore aware that the solution to all of these concerns is a single provision that would allow Canada to implement the World Intellectual Property Organization’s Internet treaties, provide legal protection for digital locks, and preserve the copyright balance by simply confirming that circumvention of a digital lock is not prohibited when undertaken for lawful purposes?”

    When Jim Prentice was questioned about the lack of important particulars in Bill C-61 to protect average Canadians’ best interests, he replied, “The industry will sort that out.” Relying on the private sector to do the right thing is absolute madness.

    Regardless of your politics, if you can’t be bothered to draft concise, well-written laws, then DON’T become a LAWMAKER.

  3. ryanrafferty says:

    It’s surprising that so-called “conservatives” can propagate such anti-conservative drivel. It goes to show that the fundamental Canadian Alliance party is still active at the core of the Conservative Party– willing to concede control of the Canadian people to the highest, most generous bidders.

  4. lesbianjesus says:

    I sent this to my MP, be sure to do the same Canucks.

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