Valve parody Apple's 1984 ad for Half-Life 2 Mac teaser


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  1. Anonymous says:

    So how’s that linux version of Steam coming along, eh?

  2. RainyRat says:

    I kept expecting to see Gordon Frohman in the crowd…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Anyone else wondering why it took five and a half years to get a port?

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. sprockety says:

    So … where is it? It’s 10am West coast time and there’s no sign of it. Also there is no mention of this on Valve’s own News tab:

    What’s up?

  6. Jamie Heron says:

    That was AWESOME!
    Finally, I can spend more hours playing games instead of working, Valve must love me!
    Or maybe they hate me…

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful, but where the heck is TeamFortress 2?!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Ooooh – Mac users get to play a video game that is 6 years old and will probably have to pay the original $49 for the “privilege.” So exciting…

    • Anonymous says:

      Not quite. If you own the game on PC then you can just download it free of charge to your Mac. And even if you don’t, I don’t think Half Life 2 has ever cost 49.99. The orignal retail price was $20…I think.

  9. ADavies says:

    I’m glad to see HL2 coming out for the mac. Will likely buy it. But I hate Steam.

  10. El Stinko says:

    Ooohhh I can’t wait for all my Mac buddies to start gushing about how this is the best game since Marathon!

    • Anonymous says:

      Hahahaha I thought the same damn thing :) Who cares if they make great ads, the game is still old news? Do Mac users actually stand for that? “Oh you have to wait five years for “new” games to be released – never mind, its still a pretty box with lights on”

      I mean if your now forced to work on your Mac then why not buy a PC to play games on instead? They cost about half as much, they are easier to mod and you contain everything you need. Its like a mac – only its a computer instead.

      • k88dad says:

        Why buy another PC when your Mac can have a Windows partition? With virtualization and the option to boot into Windows, why limit yourself to one malware-ridden OS?

        Hint: most PC owners are not hardcore gamers. Really.

  11. farleyk says:

    Just spent the time downloading the Portal demo. Heard it was good. Can’t run it. If you don’t have an NVIDIA graphics card, you’re apparently not of interest. Oh well…

    • DefMech says:

      It works on Nvidia and ATI graphics cards. I assume you have one of the older Intel GMA cards if it doesn’t work. Those are barely capable of running low end 3D games. It isn’t the fault of Valve or Apple that it doesn’t work.

      • farleyk says:

        I just updated my video card about 2 months ago in order to play Bioshock. Bioshock is rather needy in terms of resources, but it worked fine. Therefore, I still fault Valve for not being able to play Portals. I just wish I had be told it was NVIDIA-only before I spent the hour to download it.

        • MrWooster says:

          From the Steam Support area:

          “Make sure your video card is supported by Source games on the Mac. If it is not you will need to upgrade your system in order to run Source games.

          The following video cards are not supported on Source-powered games:
          * Intel integrated graphics such as GMA 950 and X3100
          * NVidia GeForce 7 Series (Including the nVidia Quadro FX 4500)

          In order to run Source-powered games on Mac you will need to use a minimum of the following:
          * NVidia GeForce 8 Series or higher
          * ATI X1600 or higher”

          • farleyk says:

            Yeah, I know. I was just expressing my sadness that once again I can’t play. And I just put a new graphics card in, an ATI Radeon 4870, which is one of the few I can put in my 1st gen Mac Pro. Pheh.
            That’s all.

  12. Cosmonaut Zero says:

    Alright, so even though I still think the original ad is hilariously ironic considering Apple’s recent actions with regards to censorship and reinforcing their galled garden, that was friggin briliant. If there’s one thing Valve can do well, it’s make their advertizing genuinely smart and cool.

  13. patrick_bateman says:

    I assume based upon the message of this ad that Valve will also be destroying Apple itself, thus freeing people to install whatever they goddamn please on their iphones and ipods? No?

  14. igpajo says:

    Awesome! Hopefully that means they’ll have HL2 Episode 1 and 2 too!

  15. oh2 says:

    Valve does it again. Awesome.

  16. KremlinLaptop says:


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